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All the Children Are Insane

Claire, Phil, and Vicky run through the woods. They run out to the street and stop an approaching car, but too late, Phil recognizes it as his own car. Jacob and Emma get out and tackle Claire. Phil and Vicky escape. Good for you, Phil and Vicky!

Evac center. Parker and another agent stalk through the dark halls. Again. Some more. Just as she's about to shoot someone, a cultie grabs her from behind and the guy she was going to shoot approaches, bloody knife in hand.

Emma and Jacob bring Claire to Carroll at a marina. He drags her out of the car and takes her to a boat while Carroll rambles about a trip they took to Maui that was full of sailing and suntanning and shagging. This trip isn't going to be like that one at all, he says, and shoves her into the boat's cabin, grunting, "I am really starting to hate you." Carroll starts the engine and putters away while Emma and Jacob watch from the dock.

They get back in the car and Jacob tries to convince Emma to make a run for it rather than meeting up with Alex and the others. He says he loves Joe and he's grateful for what he's done for him, but he doesn't want to die. He doesn't think all the other followers had to die just for Carroll's shitty book, and he doesn't want Emma to die for Carroll, either. He pleads with her to come with him, but he's leaving with or without her. He tells her he loves her and kisses her. Emma replies that she loves him, but she also loves Joe. And then she slits his throat. Jacob gurgles and bleeds and dies. Good night, sweet prince. Rest your hair peacefully.

Ryan comes out of the community center and gives Turner the night's tally: five civilians dead, a dozen wounded, nine dead culties. They commiserate that this was just a distraction so Carroll could get out of town. Mike pops up and says Parker's missing.

She's being shlepped through the woods by the two culties who grabbed her, still struggling and screaming. They dump her in a coffin that's been set in a shallow grave. "You don't have to do this," Parker tells Smiley Jim. "You're right. I don't have to," he smiles. They nail the lid on and bury her while she sobs and screams.

Next week: The end. If there's any fairness in the world, someone will drop a huge rock on Carroll's head.

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