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Bludgeoning You With Poe, Forever and Ever, Amen

Flashback. Eyebrows is meeting with Carroll, telling him what he can do with the prison's computer servers. He's addressing him as "sir" and says that he'll do something similar to the covert systems he worked with in Baghdad. Carroll asks how long he was in the army. Eyebrows says six years, four tours in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. He worked in cyber surveillance, he says, and received a psychiatric discharge, Carroll guesses -- which isn't hard, because Eyebrows has the flat stare of crazypants, at least as this show has come to define it.

Carroll tells him there's no shame in serving his country and addresses him as Charlie. He asks how many people he's killed. Nine, Charlie says -- three terrorists, two Iraqi soldiers and four others. Carroll wants to hear about the others. Charlie says they're people he wanted dead, and Carroll smiles and says he's handy to have around. He asks if Roderick explained to Charlie what Carroll wants him to do. He's thrilled to help. Well, "thrilled." The top of his face moves about as much as Catherine Zeta-Jones's does these days.

Charlie is still typing away in his lair when Claire asks what all the equipment is for. She sees a file of pictures, picks it up and Charlie smacks it out of her hand -- all the pictures are of her, because he's been stalking her. And now she starts to get scared, because Claire hasn't really learned anything from her experience of being married to a serial killer. Charlie tells her she doesn't need to be frightened of him, but come on, dude, you have her locked in a shadowy basement full of guns and surveillance photos of her! She gives him an awesome WTF face when he says she has to trust him and asks why she should. "Because I'm your follower," he says. SURE, THAT'S REASSURING.

Ryan asks if he can sit down. Paul says he can, but Jacob interrupts and says he can't. Ryan surmises that Paul's in charge and Jacob protests that nobody's in charge. Paul tells him not to be such a smartass when he's pointing a gun at him. Emma comes downstairs and says she's given Joey his "special milk," so he'll be asleep in ten minutes. Ryan asks if she drugged him, as if that's the worst thing that could happen and Emma demands to know why he isn't tied up. They hear sirens outside and all three run to the windows to look at the cop cars on the road.

Ryan tells them they're surrounded and repeats that none of them are getting out of there. Emma says the same goes for him, but Ryan's fine with that as long as Joey doesn't get hurt. He's awfully confident when he says he knows Emma, Jacob and Paul won't hurt Joey -- really? We haven't seen any evidence that Carroll thinks of him as anything other than a pawn. Why wouldn't they hurt him? Anyway, Ryan says the FBI also won't hurt Joey, so any outcome is fine with him. That's what you want, a nihilistic drunk with a death wish negotiating for a kid's safety. Brilliant.

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