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Bludgeoning You With Poe, Forever and Ever, Amen

Emma doesn't like Ryan's certainty, so she tases him right to the chest, the electric current interfering with his pacemaker. As Ryan twitches in the chair, Emma flashes the Taser and says it was Carroll's idea. She yells at the boys again to tie him up as she leaves the room.

Parker arrives in a helicopter as a blonde news reporter fills us in on what we've already seen. Parker finds Mike and Ava in the mobile command center and he tells her Ryan's inside with an unknown number of suspects. They also don't know where in the house Joey might be. He's tapped into their server and can see that they're trying to e-mail someone. But what he pulls is encrypted, so he shouts at some other technicians.

Emma tells Jacob she e-mailed Roderick and told him about Hank and Ryan. She says they're in trouble and she doesn't know what to do, and what if Roderick doesn't send anyone else as backup. Jacob reassures her that they'll figure it out and kisses her. Well, sure, because he's only facing kidnapping charges and transporting a minor across state lines. The rest of them are murderers.

Olivia visits Carroll at the prison again. He asks her for an update, and she tells him Ryan's at the farmhouse and Claire is missing. This show repeats itself too much. Carroll snickers and Olivia asks what's going on. He asks if she really wants to know, that she'd be complicit if she knew her statement last week triggered Claire's kidnapping. So, he says, she doesn't actually want to know, right? She does not. Ugh. I'ma need you to sack up, Olivia. The Olivia over on ABC wouldn't put up with this shit.

Emma tells Ryan he's going to make a phone call and get the cops to back off. He says he won't and that she doesn't have any leverage -- she can kill him and no one will care. That's probably true. Emma agrees, and says she'll start with Megan. Paul drags her in and Emma tases her and seriously, poor fucking Megan. Ryan tells her to stop and says he'll make the call. Emma hands him the phone.

Parker is looking at an aerial map of the property. There are a bunch of exits and they're calling in helicopters. Mike updates her on the APB Turner has sent out for Claire and she wants to find out what Olivia Warren knows. Mike's phone rings: Ryan, who tells him he's in the house with three people and Megan, and that Joey is asleep upstairs. Parker addresses Emma by name and asks if there's anything they need. She says they want the situation to resolve safely and Emma tells her to go away, otherwise she'll kill Megan and start on Ryan.

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