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Bludgeoning You With Poe, Forever and Ever, Amen

Emma tells Jacob that Roderick wrote back. He didn't say he was sending backup, but they need to shut down their online communications. He will call them on the satellite phone. Jacob can't believe that's all he said, but Emma says he told them to be ready. For something. Because it wouldn't be any fun if we didn't go to commercial on the characters staring at each other portentously.

The cop cars in front of the farmhouse pull away and Emma asks Paul for Ryan's phone. She says they need to delay things until Roderick calls, and figures the FBI can help. Paul asks where Jacob is; he's checking on Joey. And then Paul chooses this moment, in front of Ryan and Megan to ask how Jacob's doing with the whole and-now-we-are-a-threesome deal. Emma can't believe he's bringing this up right now and leaves the room. Ryan looks delighted. He asks if Paul is also sleeping with Emma or just Jacob or both of them. Paul says Ryan has no idea what's going on and Ryan's like, but I'm starting to get the picture, bro! He lays out the precious little love triangle going on here, driving Paul to stalk away.

Mike answers a call from Ryan in the mobile command center. Parker asks Emma what she can do for her. Emma starts talking about how she does miss her mother, but she doesn't fool Parker, who asks why she's playing with her. Emma starts her monologue about Slutty Mom and what a slut she was, and Parker's like, fine, that's great -- is that why you killed her? She says she killed her to be free and now she doesn't take instructions from anyone. Except Carroll, Parker points out. Emma says she makes her own choices, but Parker says she replaced her mother with Carroll. Emma's getting all worked up when she says she chose Carroll; she broke free and chose him. She hangs up.

Flashback to Parker and her parents. She says she wanted to know how they were doing and Parker's mother says she never should have left. Her father offers to talk to "the council" see if they'll take her back. Ah, so she's a cult expert because she was raised in one. How unexpected.

Present. Parker says they're stalling and asks Mike if he's been able to track the e-mail. He hasn't.

Jacob comes down the stairs and Ryan decides it's time to talk about the threesome. Jacob can't believe Paul told him, but Ryan thinks it's perfectly logical, since they were posing as a gay couple for such a long time. It's natural they'd start banging. Jacob is inclined to beat the shit out of Ryan, but Paul stops him and says he's just talking, so Jacob should ignore it. Ryan is still prodding him, though, and Jacob gets really angry. He asks if Ryan wants him to kill Megan and starts screaming about how no one thinks he can do it. He starts strangling her, but Paul pulls him off and tells him to keep it together. In the confusion, Ryan manages to get his hands on a knife Paul left on a nearby table. Stupid Paul.

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