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Bludgeoning You With Poe, Forever and Ever, Amen

Outside the prison, she's telling the press that she filed a motion with the bureau of prisons for violations of the Eighth Amendment (that's the cruel and unusual punishments one). Claire is watching on TV at her house when Turner comes in to tell her that Ryan's arrived. He very politely doesn't point out that she walked directly into this week's shenanigans because she is a dumb-dumb.

Claire walks outside the house and shoves Ryan away when he tries to embrace her, but after they struggle for a bit, he hugs her. In his cell, Carroll stares peacefully at the ceiling. Yeah, his constitutional rights look real violated. Parker picks up her purse and pulls out the necklace she was wearing in the 1989 flashbacks. So maybe she's not as separated from her cult as we thought.

Emma pulls the SUV over when her phone rings. Joey is sleeping in the passenger seat. On the phone, Jacob is screaming, asking why she left them. She doesn't say anything and hangs up. Jacob tells Paul, who's bleeding everywhere, that he's going to get help and Paul thanks him for not leaving him.

Claire cries in Ryan's arms. He looks haunted. As usual.

Next week: Olivia bitches about how Ryan broke Carroll's fingers and the warden approves a transfer for Carroll (which, of course, will be his opportunity to escape because everyone in a position of authority on this show is a moron). Claire tells Ryan they need to find Charlie, because he knows where to find Joey. Joey is somewhere with a lady in a cage. So that's good for his mental health.

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