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Havenport. Mitchell shows Mike and Ryan footage of Alex and the followers shoving Parker in the trunk of a car. They keep trying to muddle through more Poe clues as Ryan sees a guy in a Poe mask approach the barricade outside. An FBI agent brings him toward the sheriff's station. The person pulls off the mask, and he's a little kid. He says Emma gave him the mask and $20 to be a diversion. Ryan finds a phone number written inside the mask.

The ringing phone leads to buried-alive Parker, who manages to answer. She cries that she doesn't know where she is and eventually manages to tell Ryan and Mike what happened to her as Mitchell tries to trace the cell phone signal. As before, the followers are manipulating the signal so it's hard to trace. (Although aren't all the techie followers -- Charlie, Aaron -- dead at this point?) Parker tells Ryan what she remembers of her abduction and the culties who buried her. Ryan promises they'll find her and tells Mitchell to stay on the line with her.

Ryan and Mike figure Parker is buried in the nearby state forest. They guess she has three to five hours of oxygen. Turner pops up and says the police found Alex's car.

Claire wakes up in darkened room, naturally, but she can hear the ocean. She runs outside and finds she's... ugh. At the site of Poe's unfinished last work, The Light-House. "Motherfucker," Claire's grubby face and tangled hair seem to say. "Why couldn't we have just married Steve who worked at the Jiffy-Lube? He was perfectly nice and I'm pretty sure he's never read a book in his life." Behind her, Carroll says good morning and waves his gun around, warning her not to run. Forget running; I'd be happy if she just stabbed him again. In the throat this time. Carroll shoves her back inside the Big Stone House of Usher and Also Metaphor.

Claire asks if Carroll finds the whole lighthouse thing just a touch predictable. He bitches that it's a motif, you ignorant slut, that bookends the story, but she counters that his brilliant teaching never translated to his writing. She taunts him, daring him to just hurry up and kill her already. Carroll settles back into the shadows and rants crazily about how her death will make Ryan go round the bend. "Predictable," Claire concludes. Carroll's had enough, so he locks her in another room -- that isn't empty.

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