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Even Murderers Need Spring Cleaning
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After last week’s terrible tragedy at the hands of Lily, who’s now completely missing and showing no signs of return, we open on the funeral for Mike’s father. He has a veteran’s burial and it appears that Mike may be the black sheep of the family as the only non-military child.

At the Corbin cult, Mandy is developing a crush on the cult’s soup guy who is cute, but man this girl is easily impressed. Meanwhile, Emma is having a completely rational reaction to last week’s sacrifice. She wants to leave because this place is nuts. Joe says that with the FBI after them, they need this place and that they have so much more to accomplish. Joe, hiding out in playschool masks in the forest doesn’t seem like the most solid of ideas. Just saying.

But the masks don’t last long because Micah comes running into the dining area like a kid on too many pixie sticks and says that they’re about to welcome three new people into their family. "Corbin is family. Corbin is love," he says as he removes their masks. Micah says that it doesn’t matter who Joe was beyond these walls…even though who Joe was beyond those walls is exactly why Micah wants Joe there.

At the funeral, Ryan gets a blast from the past in the form of a journalist he once accidentally slept with when he was on a bender. At the time, he drunkenly gave away information about Joe’s "demise" and she’s back for more: a comment on the theory that Joe is alive. He won’t answer her gotcha journalism attack, but she’s not just flying by the seat of her pants. The woman has Joe’s could-be pilot from last week on record and she’s definitely barking up the right tree.

At the cult, everyone is congratulating Joe’s trio on being accepted, especially the cute soup guy who finds Mandy, says she’s beautiful without her mask, and whisks her away like the hero at the end of a high school rom-com. Then Micah calls for an audience with Joe. Julia is upset that Joe doesn’t respect their "religion," but Joe seems to think she knows it’s complete BS. Still, she says that she runs things there though Micah seems to have the illusion that he does. But she may not be as in charge as she thinks, because in this little meeting, Micah simply announces, like a petulant child: "I wanna kill people." Oh boy.

Meanwhile, Ryan is finally getting legitimized. The director of the FBI, Tom Franklin, is at Mike’s dad’s funeral reception and he seems to finds Ryan and Max’s adventures charming, rather than snarling at them the way Mendez has been doing. They can’t find Lily, but Tom is more focused on finding Joe Carroll, so Tom dismisses the blonde weirdo and enlists Ryan off the books as his personal one-man Joe Carroll task force. He’s got information on Joe’s half-brother, who he used as a decoy in his "death," so Ryan starts there. Supposedly this clandestine appointment is meant to side-step the leak in the FBI, but it’s certainly a convenient plot twist to ensure Ryan is alone in terrifying places all the time. Ooh, dramatic.

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