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The Premature Rescue
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Previously on The Following: Joe Carroll: murdery. Ryan Hardy: drunky. Agent Parker: culty. Joey Carroll: kidnappy. Megan: gagged and crying. Emma, Paul, and Jacob: muddy and showering together.

And the three of them are sleeping in the same bed, too. Paul rolls over and throws an arm over Jacob, who wakes up, disentangles himself, and gets out of bed. Both Paul and Emma ask him where he's going, then spoon in the space he left. Really, those two are better suited than Emma and Jacob ever were, what with their mutual interest in helping other people bleed to death. Jacob goes into the bathroom to stare pensively at himself. Paul observes, "Jacob's freaking out, isn't he?" and Emma's all, I didn't hear any complaints last night.

While the grown-ups are busy, Joey goes downstairs, climbs up a bookshelf, and grabs the cell phone. He crawls under the kitchen table. Paul says he's hungry and asks if Emma is. She says she's starved.

In Claire's kitchen, she and a whole tribe of cops and/or FBI agents are having coffee. Her phone rings. She answers, and it's Joey on the other end. She asks him where he is and he asks why he can't come home and why she told Denise to bring him to the country. Of course he doesn't know where he is, because he's a child. He tells her he's in a big house, like on a farm, and describes the house and says Denise and the others won't let him leave the yard. Joey says he'd doesn't like Paul because he's mean.

Claire asks if they know he's calling her, and Joey says, "No way, they'd kill me if they knew." He's using little-kid exaggeration, of course, but Claire knows how close to the truth that is and almost bursts into tears. She tells him she's going to come get him. And then Paul pulls Joey out from under the table and hauls him into the other room, without hanging up the phone, so that was a nice gift to the FBI guy who's tracing the call.

Mike tells Ryan that the phone was using the same kind of scrambling algorithm that Maggie used, but before Joey hung up the phone switched to Wi-Fi, and there's also something with a virus...look, I had to call tech support twice today, so don't even start asking me to explain this show's tech babble. It's thematically important that they can't trace the call yet, okay? Ryan spots Carroll's attorney out in the hall and tells Parker they need to send her away because obviously Carroll's planning something since they're close to finding Joey. Parker points out that the Constitution says he still gets a lawyer, but Ryan insists they head for Dutchess County, even though they don't know where in the whole county Joey is, immediately. Parker tells Mike to type faster at his little computer machine.

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