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The Premature Rescue

Joey is freaking out at "Denise" about how his mom didn't know where he was and she sounded worried and scared, which has made him worried and scared. Emma is trying to reassure him and tells him his dad isn't a bad man. Joey quite logically asks, "Then why was he in prison? And why were the police looking for him?" Emma tells him the police are the bad guys. Joey's like, nuh-uh. She insists that the police are lying about Joey's dad, and that's why Joey's mom sent him away. The kid does not seem to buy it.

Paul goes down to the basement to terrorize Megan some more. He checks where she's bleeding from last week's -- er, yesterday's -- stab wound, then rips the tape off her mouth. She says she wants to go home, and Paul says all rationally, "You're not going home, Megan. Never again. I think we established that -- a little acceptance at this point might go a long way." He's almost angry at her for not being absolutely delighted to be facing her own horrific death. He really is a dick. He tapes her mouth back up and says it won't be long now. I am really looking forward to seeing Emma fillet him.

Back in the kitchen, Paul asks Jacob, who's sulking on the kitchen table, where Emma is. Jacob tells him she's upstairs with Joey, then frets about what Joey might have said to Claire. Paul reassures him that Joey has no idea where they are, then pulls out a huge carving knife and says Jacob shouldn't go with the big knife when he kills Megan. He thinks a smaller knife will be better. He pats Jacob on the shoulder and says he can do this, then asks what's wrong, because Jacob is still all hunched-over and green-looking. Jacob says he's not gay and that he can't be what Paul wants him to be. Jacob just wants to have his nice girlfriend and not murder anyone, is that so much to ask?

Paul asks why Jacob has to put labels on everything; he says the night before was the two of them and Emma together, finally understanding each other, with no lies. He pushes the knife toward Jacob and says there's just one thing missing. Jacob asks if Paul will kill Megan for him. Paul says this is about trust, that he and Emma believe Jacob can do it. Jacob just looks like he wants to barf up his toenails.

Prison. Carroll's lawyer, Olivia, comes into the interview room. She looks terrified of him, so she's obviously making some bad career choices. Or she's a follower. He invites her to sit down. She asks why she's there, and when he says he requires legal counsel, she says there's nothing she can do for him. Carroll says she owes him some favors.

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