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The Premature Rescue

Claire hangs up her phone and tells Turner she's going for a walk. He doesn't think that's a good idea and insists that someone accompany her. She's all, fine, whatevs. She goes upstairs and Turner calls Parker. He relates what's going on and Parker tells him not to let Claire out of his sight.

A local cop asks Mike if it's true that Carroll has a cult of serial killers -- follower! Keep an eye on this one! -- as he's hanging up pictures of Paul, Jacob, and Emma, and Logical Cop asks Possible Follower Cop, Ava, if Paul might be the guy from the missing-girl case in Rhinebeck. She pulls up the surveillance footage of the convenience store. Mike leans in and transfers the video to the FBI's server, then enhances the image so they can positively identify Paul. They narrow it down to farms in a 25-mile radius of the store. Ava and Mike will take one direction, Ryan and another cop the other.

The older man brings Joey to his wife and says he needs to borrow the phone to call his mom. The woman asks if he's Joey Matthews. He says he is, and the woman says he's on the TV, that the police are looking for him. Joey parrots back that the police want to hurt him. The older couple is confused, and just then Emma runs out of the woods and tells Joey she was worried and they should go home. The woman interrupts and asks who she is. Emma introduces herself as Denise and thanks them for finding him. The couple says Joey wanted to call his mom, and Emma says he can do so from the farmhouse. Joey's all, "I can?" and Emma says of course! We're totally not holding you against your will!

The older couple exchange WTF looks as Emma starts to lead Joey off by the hand, but they don't stop her. Joey tells Emma that the older couple saw him on TV, and Emma snaps at him for running off. They meet up with Paul and Jacob, and Emma tells them pointedly that the friendly neighbors were the ones who found Joey. "Shoot," Emma says. "I forgot to thank them for helping out. Do you mind?" Paul does not mind at all. He loves thanking people. With knives.

The older man is on the phone, telling someone that it was the boy from the news, and his wife is telling him to tell the police to hurry. Paul comes in their back door, holding a hoe, and says he wouldn't do that.

Ryan and his temporary local partner, Officer Lopez, get a call from dispatch, telling them that the Sullivans reported seeing Joey. They get in the car and tear off.

At the farmhouse, Joey asks Emma if he can call his mother now. She says she'll get the phone and locks him in his bedroom. She hears the floor creak and goes to investigate, calling out for Paul and Jacob. The guy from earlier pops up behind her and says Roderick sent him and they need to go.

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