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Whips and Regret

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He May Be Bad, But He's Perfectly Good at It

Ryan and Parker go to talk to Haley, and ask her about Carroll. She says she doesn't know him, but doesn't seem particularly surprised to learn from Parker that the cult has been using her server. She's more pissed off -- she says she wants a deal and she'll give them Vince McKinnley, who helps her out with satisfying some of her clients' more hardcore, illegal interests. She says she knew about Vince's Carroll fetish, but didn't know about the cult -- or that Vince is into kidnapping and murder -- until she saw it on the news. Vince set up the servers and computers and he and Haley occasionally liked to flog each other, just for fun. Ryan asks if she can contact him for them, and Haley says she will, if she has a deal.

Jacob brings Claire a bunch of new clothes and shoes, and shows her a dress that Joe would like her to wear for dinner. She demands again to see Joey, and makes a dash for the door, but Jacob throws her to the floor, and says Carroll has given him permission to hurt her, he's just not allowed to mark up her face. He says she needs to make an effort if she wants to see her son. Do you understand now that it was incredibly fucking stupid to get in the car with these psychopaths, Claire? TWICE?

Emma intercepts Jacob as he leaves Claire's room, and she compliments him on the responsibility of taking care of Claire, and then tells him she loves him and she knows he's upset. Jacob has had a psychotic break, apparently, because he tells Emma that the Jacob she loves isn't here anymore. And he does seem like a completely different character, like he absorbed some of Paul's nastier qualities when he killed him. It's legit creepy.

Haley shows Ryan and Parker a box of Vince's stuff, and then sends him an e-mail. In the box Ryan finds glass bottles of chemicals that he says can be used to make car bombs.

At the cult house, Vince tells Roderick he needs to go pick up his delivery (from Haley), and Roderick gives him permission, but tells him not to spend the night with "your little whore." Despite this, Vince tries to be nice to Roderick and tell him not to let Carroll being a dick get to him, but Roderick, of course, is a maniac, because he pulls a gun on Vince. Who pulls a gun on him in return. And then Vince tells him he was just looking for a new friend, and they lower their guns and laugh because everyone on this show is tin-hat crazy.

Vince leaves, and Roderick casually punches Aaron in the face hard enough to draw blood. He apologizes and picks him up, but he's clearly turned some sort of corner, stability wise, and this isn't going to turn out well for anyone. Maybe it's secretly my birthday and he'll go kill Joe.

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