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Whips and Regret

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He May Be Bad, But He's Perfectly Good at It

Haley asks Vince where they're going, and he just says, "Somewhere safe." He checks behind them to see if they're being followed. In their car, Parker tells the other agents to drop back so Vince doesn't get suspicious. Haley asks Vince to let her go if he cares about her, which he says doesn't make sense: "You don't let people that you care about go." Someone missed school the day they were teaching meaningless aphorisms.

Vince pulls up to a ramshackle building that is definitely not Murder Cult HQ. He pulls his box from the trunk and tells Haley to come with him. Parker and Ryan park not far away and she calls in SWAT.

Inside, there are no lights. Naturally. Haley asks if this is where the cult lives, and Vince tells her it's a munitions depot and training grounds. When she asks what they're training for, he says for killing, obviously. He does this little "duh" quirk with his eyebrows that's actually kind of hilarious. He finally turns on a light, and Haley starts looking alarmed. She asks where everybody else is, and he says no one will bother them, and this is the part where he gets romantic. She pushes him away, and as they wrestle, her wire comes free. He punches her in the face and then tells Ryan through the wire that Haley's dead because of him. Great. He'll get like three more seasons of moping out of that.

Ryan runs into the building, hearing Haley's screams in the distance, but he doesn't seem to go exactly the same way that Vince did, because he and Parker find Haley in a dead-end passage. She tells them Vince is gone.

The entire FBI has arrived, and they run around with their guns looking for Vince while Haley yells at Ryan and Parker for ignoring her safe word. She has a point. She tells them the only reason she's alive is because Vince thought, correctly, that it would take them longer to help a live person than find a dead body, and he wanted to buy time. FBI SWAT agents come in and Parker tells them to find the property records and start processing the building. There's a "Don't Tread on Me" flag on the back wall of the room, so it seems like maybe the cult inherited this building from Vince's militia buddies?

Carroll and Claire are having the world's most awkward fireside dinner. She demands to know what the point is, what's going on with the houseful of "crazy, psychotic, unstable people," and Carroll says they're his friends, and he's just trying to bring some order to the crazy people, let them know that they're not alone. He says this is probably difficult for her to understand and she's like, try impossible, because I'm not crazy! Carroll points out that his clinical diagnosis is a monomaniacal need to kill, and since it will never go away, he chooses to embrace it.

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