The Frame

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The Frame

Dixon visits Sloane in his cell. Dixon lets Sloane know that they were wrong about Sloane accessing files illegally, so the charges have been dropped. Now Sloane's frames and lenses are green. What in the hell is going on here? Sloane asks if they apprehended the mole. Dixon says that it was Senator Reed, and Sloane can't believe that Reed admitted to working for the Covenant. Dixon drops the bomb about the suicide. Sloane starts making demands to be released immediately, with apologies and his pardon agreement intact. Dixon's like, "Not so fast, Jolly Green Not-So-Giant." He explains that in going through Reed's effects, they found evidence that Sloane consulted with Reed about Rambaldi, and that Sloane gave Reed certain Rambaldi artifacts, which is a violation of his pardon agreement. Sloane starts to shake his head. Dixon takes great pleasure in informing Sloane that his pardon agreement is being revoked, and Sloane is set to be executed by lethal injection in two weeks. Sloane does not look happy.

Vaughn lies in bed, staring at the ceiling. He looks at the person next to him, then gets up. Why doesn't Vaughn sleep without a shirt? Throw a sister a bone, people! Vaughn calls Sydney and apologizes for being pulled away. Syd asks after Lauren, and Vaughn says it's hard for her to deal with her father's death and betrayal. Syd just nods as her face starts to fall. She asks Vaughn if he's at Weiss's house. Vaughn admits that he's not, and the words are like a knife in Syd's stomach as her face just crumbles with pain and sorrow. Syd covers and says that they probably won't be getting that cup of coffee. Vaughn sighs and admits, "No, we're not." Syd says that she has to go, and hangs up before she totally loses it, sitting alone in her empty apartment. Vaughn gets back into bed and Lauren, facing away from him, creepily opens her dead black eyes and mentally dances a jig.

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