The Frame

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The Frame

Kishell explains that two days ago, he got some photos from a contact in South Africa. Syd and Vaughn look at pictures of Djimon Hounsou standing in front of the fakest backdrop ever. Syd recognizes Bomani. The series of photos reveals Bomani's goons digging up the archeologists' bones, and finding the crystal map, which is a small pink disc. It cracks me up that it's pink for some reason. It looks like Bomani's holding a pack of birth control pills, and he looks really puzzled, which only adds to my amusement. "So you take one of these every day and it prevents conception? So what are the green ones for? Sugar pills? It's a miracle!" That's funnier if you imagine it in Djimon Hounsou's accent. Syd asks about the bio-weapon inside the box, and Kishell says that the Covenant refers to the weapon as "The Passenger." Syd may or may not remember Lazarey mentioning that before he died. Vaughn wants to speak to the guy who took the pictures, but he was made, and now he's dead. My favorite part is that the contact kept filming while he was being shot, so there are a series of photos of Bomani aiming and firing, and then in the final shot, the camera is sideways on the ground like at the end of The Blair Witch Project. And there's even a guard standing with his back to the camera, sort of in a corner. Awesome. Vaughn takes a closer look at the photos, and swears when he realizes that Bomani's transportation was provided by Omnifam, Sloane's organization.

Syd goes to ask Sloane what's up with that. Sloane says he collaborated with Bomani at the CIA's insistence, so that they could monitor the Covenant. Syd says that Sloane is supposed to provide intel, not to provide materials "aiding the Covenant in their search for The Passenger." The frames of Sloane's glasses are green. He looks like an employee of the Beauty Shop at Emerald City. I expect him to bust out singing, "That's how we laugh the day away in the merry old land of Oz." Sloane lies back on his cot and says he had to do certain things to avoid Bomani's suspicions, and he reported it to the CIA. Syd doesn't believe Sloane's stinking reports. Sloane retorts, "I'm not the mole you're looking for." Is that a Jedi mind trick? Because if anyone could pull off a Jedi mind trick, I think Sloane could. And maybe Jack. Maybe they became friends when they were both young Jedis-in-training. What? Like it's any worse than some of the other storylines this season? Anyway. Syd reminds Sloane that if he violated his pardon agreement, he'll be facing the death penalty again. Sloane says it's fine if he dies, since he knows he "honored [his] agreement, to the letter." Syd asks where Bomani is, and Sloane claims he doesn't know. Sloane walks over to the cell door and says that he was reading The Iliad in the original Greek when he was jailed, and intimates that if he could get a copy now, he would give them the codes to track the Omnifam trucks via GPS. Can't they just make him give up that information anyway? Sloane walks closer and compliments Syd's beautiful smile. Syd retorts, "If you're executed, I'll be a witness. I'll smile then." Ooh, burn. Also, this whole quid pro quo scene between an older imprisoned man and a younger woman in law enforcement with an ambiguous relationship has been done before.

Lauren and Vaughn eat dinner in a fancy restaurant. Lauren tries to pry information out of Vaughn, but he's short with her. While Vaughn studies the menu, Lauren slides a gift across the table. Vaughn opens it, and finds his father's watch inside. Lauren says that she knows she forgot the anniversary of his father's death, and she "felt terribly [sic] and wanted to do something special to make up for it." No, Melissa George acts terribly, but Lauren felt terrible. Right, Sars? I'm going to be so embarrassed if I'm wrong. ["Nope, you're right." -- Sars] Vaughn looks at the watch like it's covered in shit. Lauren explains that she had the watch fixed. Vaughn blurts out, "This isn't working." Lauren thinks he means the watch, but he really means their relationship. Vaughn explains that he's not happy. Lauren just gives an icy "I see." Vaughn thinks they should separate. Woo hoo! Lauren can't even muster up one fake tear as she asks if it's about Sydney, and if Syd gave Vaughn an ultimatum. Vaughn insists that it has nothing to do with Syd. Lauren angrily tells Vaughn to be honest about why he's destroying her life, and runs off.

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