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The Frame

Dixon and Syd go to visit Sloane. Dixon says that based on Sloane's intel, they were able to locate Bomani and acquire the map. I think Sloane's glasses got greener since the last time we saw him. Syd says that they can't interpret the data they got, and hands over a copy of The Iliad. Sloane knows a quid pro quo when he sees one, so he asks how he can be of service. Syd opens a suitcase and pulls out the kaleidoscope. Sloane is very interested, and immediately knows what he's looking at. Sloane looks in the end as Syd orders him to tell them what he sees. Sloane looks for about 1.5 seconds before lowering the kaleidoscope and saying that Rambaldi encrypted many of his discoveries, or divided them into pieces so that no one could discover the true meaning of his work. I thought the true meaning of his work was peace? Eh, no one bought that line anyway. Sloane says that there are four disks that serve as keys to the Rambaldi box. Syd explains about the map, and Sloane says that "there isn't anywhere on earth" that Rambaldi's followers wouldn't go to hide Rambaldi's creations. So, like, Antarctica? Uncharted portions of the Amazon? The moon? I seriously thought for a minute that Sloane was going to tell them to check the surface of the moon. And Syd and Vaughn would be flying there in a rocket ship. And Bomani and Sark would already be there, wearing astronaut suits. That visual made me realize how ridiculous the idea was. Or was it?

Marshall uses a computer to compare the map to the topography of the ocean floor, and immediately comes up with a match. He chuckles, "Sloane is a genius." Syd looks disturbed, and Marshall amends, "I mean an evil, horrible genius. But, still." Syd recognizes that they're looking at a rock formation off the coast of Okinawa. Dixon orders Syd and Vaughn to head there immediately.

Dixon walks off, and Jack intercepts him to report that Senator Reed called; he wants to meet. Dixon says that they owed Reed the courtesy of a heads-up, but he wants Lauren taken into custody as soon as the discussion with Reed is over. Jack mulls that one over.

Senator Reed pours himself a drink, and then looks up, startled to see Lauren standing there, and probably even more startled that she is dressed all in black leather with lots of black eyeliner. Ah, she had to psych herself up for the assassination by getting a fancy costume. She probably also danced around the room, singing along to "Walkin' On Sunshine." What, I'm the only one who does that? Maybe it would be more appropriate if she were listening to something a bit more punk. Reed says he didn't hear Lauren come in, and Lauren says she's been there a while, talking to her mother. So her mother's dead too? Isn't that what you thought? Reed tells Lauren to shut the door, because they need to discuss something he doesn't want her mom to hear. Reed babbles about how great his wife is, and how she put up with his absences all these years, as did Lauren. The camera cuts to show that Lauren has a giant gun with a silencer clutched behind her back. Reed concludes, "It would break your mother's heart if she ever found out about this. I know because it broke mine." He turns Jack's file around so that Lauren can see. Man, knowing what happens in a moment all seems so obvious now, and yet I totally didn't see it coming. Lauren looks sick and says, "If it's any consolation, I believe that the cause I am working for is just." Reed tries to throw his daughter a bone by saying that he feels like it's his fault, and if he could help her get out, they could start over somehow. Lauren asks what he means, and Reed offers to pretend that he's been conducting his own mole investigation with Lauren's help, and no one would question it due to his position. Lauren can't believe he'd do that for her. Reed stands and says, "Of course I would. I love you." Lauren's resolve seems to melt a bit as she says that it's a clever plan, and she will use it, but it only solves one of her problems.

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