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The Frame

Lauren pulls the gun out with a shaking hand. Reed asks what she's doing. Duh! What does it look like she's doing? Then again, a family member has never held me at gunpoint, so maybe he's too busy shitting his pants to be erudite. Lauren orders her father to get on his knees as he tries to talk her out of it. She orders him to put his hands behind his head, and Reed looks terrified. Reed begs her not to do it, and Lauren puts the gun down and grabs her forehead. Does she have a migraine? It's like the director yelled out, "Indicate!" and that's how Melissa George is demonstrating that she's torn. Reed starts to relax, and Olivia enters the room and asks, "God, what are you doing?" She orders Lauren to give her the gun, and Lauren complies. Olivia turns and shoots her husband. Lauren flinches. Olivia composes herself and says, "Sark said you might back out." She looks annoyed with her daughter as she grabs a nearby phone and says, "Send them up." Lauren stares at her dead father, who has a gunshot wound to the temple. Totally didn't see that coming. But it was awesome.

Reed is zipped into a body bag as investigators document the crime scene. Jack shows up and flashes his ID at the cop on duty. He finds Olivia, who is sadly drinking a cup of coffee, and offers his condolences. He asks what happened. Olivia shakes her head and says that she went out shopping, and when she got home, she found her husband gazing out the window. She says that he started talking about how our government is ineffectual. She adds, "He said he made certain choices, that when they came out, no one would understand." She assured him they could get through whatever it was, but he said that he'd asked Lauren to access records for him, so she would be implicated too. Olivia says she went to the kitchen, and that's when she heard the shot. Olivia starts crying and says she should have known what was going on, because she's his wife. Jack looks perturbed. Olivia says, "These people he was talking about -- the Covenant -- he made it sound like they were terrorists." Jack just nods. Lauren enters the room and runs to her mom, sobbing. They embrace. Lauren looks over to see if Jack's buying it, and while Jack's expression is often inscrutable, I didn't think he was. But the fact that Olivia, who has never been under any suspicion, practically witnessed the alleged suicide explains why there wasn't further investigation yet. If Lauren alone had witnessed it, Jack would be on it like white on rice, but I'm thinking he still feels like Olivia is above suspicion. But I know Jack, and he'll figure it out eventually.

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