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Living on the Sly in Danger

There's another slow scene with Kimble hallucinating about his dead wife. This one ends with Kimble being enticed by Helen to follow her out the door. Tim Daly's about as good with the chemistry as I was in high school.

Lt. Obsessive calls his assistant in Chicago, who tells him that the department's in an uproar because some bigwig resigned and Capt. Pushover is up for the job. "Want me to patch you through so you can suck up?" she asks. Lt. Obsessive interrupts her chatter and asks her to put him in touch with her distant connection on the South Carolina police force.

Chuck sits in his mother's kitchen, scarfing down fried chicken while watching news reports on Kimble's escape. Mrs. Brixius tries to change the channel, but when her son snipes at her, she wonders aloud why he couldn't have "collected beach glass or taken interest in one of them Deep Space Nine shows." Chuck hides pieces of chicken in his napkin. Chuck waxes philosophical about how people make just one mistake, or are thought to have made a mistake, and they are judged and written off and thought to be unfit for society. Chuck's mom reaches over to her son affectionately and asks what she's going to do with him. Chuck tells her she can stop worrying about him because he's going to be fine. He says he's fine like four more times, which makes everyone think that he's really not.

Back in Hallucination Land, Kimble takes a walk with his wife. Helen suggests that Kimble stop running and they tell the police, together. As she says the word "together," we stumble into a Michael Jackson video, and she morphs into One Arm. One Arm looks over his shoulder at a cop car and speaks in a warped devil voice, "Let's see who they believe." Kimble yanks his hand out of One Arm's and falls to the ground. One Arm laughs evilly, and Kimble runs off to the woods and disappears from view just as a cop gets out of his car.

Chuck walks into his guesthouse and discovers Kimble's dangling I.V. trailing blood on the sheets. Kimble walks the streets in a delirium and runs into a car, scaring the pee out of the woman driving, who gets an eyeful of his fugitive face and calls 911 as soon as she can grab her cell phone.

Kimble stumbles through yards and streets In Broad Butt Daylight as cops question the woman who called in her sighting. She's confused about which way he went, and the cops start to look skeptical. They ask if she's sure it was Dr. Kimble she saw, because they've been showing his picture around all day and everyone thinks they've seen him. Kimble finds himself on yet another unfamiliar street and looks up at the street signs as the revolving ER camera does its best to make me nauseous. Seeing "Sandpiper Way" triggers a blipvert as he remembers the address on Chuck's package -- either that, or he just remembers being a pilot on Nantucket. Whatever it is, I don't think a guy who's been hallucinating can really trust his own blipverts. The cops questioning the lady driver note that her license says she wears corrective lenses. They ask if she's wearing them now. She tells them she's not because she broke one, but she really did see Kimble. "Uh-huh," the cops say, unconvinced. They leave.

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The Fugitive




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