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Living on the Sly in Danger

Lt. "This Is No Calvin Klein Obsession" Gerard watches the news reports that Kimble was positively I.D.'d in Myrtle Beach, and he opens his daughter's laptop and brings up the website.

Chuck bursts back into his guesthouse to find Kimble shaking on the couch, and immediately launches into a self-flagellating diatribe. "I shouldn't have left. It's my fault. I knew you were hallucinating. I shouldn't have left. It's my fault," Chuck natters, strangely close to hysteria. Kimble tries to tell him it's okay. "NO! It's not okay!" Chuck shouts, banging his fist against a beam. Kimble looks at the beam and thinks, "What kind of psycho rescued me?" Chuck starts pacing the room, saying he can't be depended on. Kimble asks what the hell he's talking about. "I'm not what you call normal, Dr. Kimble," Chuck says, "Why do you think I live in my mom's guest house. Why do you think I don't have a job or go to college --" Kimble interrupts him and tells him soothingly that he knows Chuck's someone, a person. The CB transmitters broadcast news that the 911 call was just another dead end. Chuck comments that it looks like it will be over soon, anyway. Chuck tells him that he envies Kimble. "Why?" Kimble asks, "All I do is look for --" "The One-Armed Man," Chuck finishes for him, "you'll catch him, I believe that." Kimble asks how he knows about the One-Armed Man; Chuck tells him it's all on the website, all the court transcripts and everything else about the trial. Yeah, except that when I tried to access the court transcripts, I got an "Access Denied" thrown at me. What's up with that, Chuck? Chuck tells him that there are lots of people out there who believe in Kimble's innocence. Chuck shows him the website and tells him that there are 254 messages alone on One Arm. I beg to differ. I counted, and there are only twenty-eight messages on One Arm. Chuck says if they just knew what One Arm looked like, there would be people looking for him all across the country. Kimble pulls out One Arm's passport and gives it to Chuck. "You can help me find him, can't you?" Kimble asks. Chuck looks him straight in the eye and says, "Yeah."

Suddenly, the website says, "BRIX96: Have you seen the man who killed Helen Kimble?" and the scanned-in passport, text and all, appears on Lt. "You're My Obsession" Gerard's screen. He picks up the phone. Kind of stupid move on their part to put up the full passport, since Gerard knows Kimble has it in his possession. Gerard gets his assistant on the phone and asks her to pull up a name and home address based on an AOL account (AOL placement #2). Except that it's actually The Warner Brothers site is also where is located. Which, oddly enough, is owned by AOL Time-Warner, and even stranger is the fact that I work for AOL Time-Warner when not delivering recaps to Mighty Big TV. Gasp! Maybe I'm the One Armed Man! Joss-Sara walks in the hotel room as Lt. Absentee Husband is packing. He doesn't notice her death stare as he tells her that Kimble is in Myrtle Beach. Joss-Sara says sarcastically, "So you're just going to fly out of here and go to South Carolina?" Lt. "Wouldn't See A Divorce Coming Until He Was Served Papers" Gerard blithely tells her it's a great lead. Joss-Sara throws the keys on the bed, and it hits Gerard that he forgot about water-skiing. Joss-Sara tells him they went without him, eventually. He says he'll explain to Alex. Joss-Sara tells him that he's a good cop and has nothing to prove in that department, but he's sucking in the husband-father department. "I can only say I'm sorry," Gerard says. Joss-Sara tells him he can stuff his sorrys in a sack.

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The Fugitive




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