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Living on the Sly in Danger

Kimble walks across some Midwestern-looking cornfields at sunset. He opens his bag and pulls out an envelope. It's filled with money. A slip of paper has an e-mail address:, and the password is Brisco. Damn, that anvil shattered my beer glass! The actress who plays Helen Kimble was in The Adventures Of Brisco County, Jr.. And we can only fear that RKOTG is "Richard Kimble On The Go." Real sneaky. No one will ever guess it. Especially if the FBI aren't monitoring from here on out. Underneath all this inventive espionage is "Keegan, Maine." That'll be our next port of call, I suspect. Kimble smiles and starts whistling "On The Road Again" as his face is framed by the full moon. Wait, full moon? Just a few days ago, Chuck "The Non-Whiz Whiz" Brixius was almost breaking his arm to pat himself on the back because he was able to find where Kimble washed up by factoring in, among other things, the new moon. The moon does not take two nights to fully wax. But I guess I should cut the writers some slack. I mean, it's not like that's a fact you can find on Any Calendar Anywhere.

I'll leave you with those thoughts. I'm Keckler with Mighty Big TV. Good night.

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The Fugitive




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