The Fugitive
Far From Home

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Far From Home

Suddenly, it's a big city skyline. It's a lake. Oh, it's Chicago. Lt. Bubba pulls a framed photograph off a crowded shelf and looks at it intently. It's a photograph of Helen Kimble. Then, Dr. Anspaugh from ER walks into the room. Guess he really does live in Chicago. He greets Lt. Bubba. Lt. Bubba says, "Uh, Mr. Ross?" Okay, it's Dr. Anspaugh, they're in Chicago, and now his name is Mr. Ross? Doesn't CBS ever watch NBC? Lt. Bubba tells him that he saw the photo and description of the dedication in the paper. Mr. Ross says that the whole day, he could hear Helen asking him why he needed to go and have a building named after her. "It's the first time ever she didn't get the last word," Mr. Ross says, looking at his daughter's photo. He recovers himself and asks Lt. Bubba, "So, where are we?" Lt. Bubba says he's got people all over down south keeping a close watch. "Then why in the hell aren't you down there?" Mr. Anspaugh Ross demands. Lt. Bubba tells him that he keeps trying to get more leeway on the case from his boss. Mr. Anspaugh Ross interrupts him to say that he's offering his reward money, and that he never should have let Lt. Bubba talk him out of that in the first place. "Two hundred grand has got to get some attention!" he insists. "Don't!" pleads Lt. Bubba, jumping up from his seat, "Every crank in America will start calling. Now, at least when we do get a lead it's got a chance of being legitimate." "I want him," Mr. Anspaugh Ross says ominously. Every day that son of a bitch is alive and she isn't…" he trails off and sniffs. Lt. Bubba gets up and says, "I'm sorry, give me some help with my captain and I promise you that I will get Kimble."

Capt. Pushover walks into Lt. Bubba's office and says, "You know, you might've asked him to wait a day or two so it wouldn't have been quite so obvious." Lt. Bubba smiles and states, "Matthew Ross called you." Capt Pushover isn't smiling, and I suspect the moniker "Capt. Pushover" won't be valid much longer. "Exactly when did you and I start communicating through a third party?" Capt. Pushover asks, sounding more like a hurt lover than an outraged commanding officer. "Now, he asked me why I wasn't doing more on the Kimble case, and I told him," Lt. Bubba tells him. The hurt captain tosses a file down. "Double homicide in Cabrini-Green. Unless you want me to tell those families you're too busy. By the way, the next time you want to say something, say it to me. The answer will be the same," the captain pouts, and flounces out of the office.

In some green pasture somewhere with cow moos echoing all around, Mia walks over to Kimble and tells him her car stalls out all the time. Kimble says his car stalled on his wedding day and they almost didn't make it to the ceremony. Mia says morosely that she wishes she hadn't made it to her wedding day. Kimble looks up at her from under the car's hood. "I didn't mean that. He wasn't always…I did love him once. Anything?" That last bit was an inquiry after the car. Kimble tells her the alternator might be shot. Mia asks if that's bad. Okay, I don't know cars, but the diagnosis of anything being "shot" doesn't sound like a good thing, now, does it? A local squad car pulls over and asks if they need help. Kimble tells him shortly that they don't, but Mia tries to protest. Kimble silences her brusquely, and Mia looks like a wounded puppy. The cop drives off after commenting that Kimble probably doesn't like to ask for directions either. Kimble tries to apologize to Mia, but she won't wipe the wounded-puppy look off her face.

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The Fugitive




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