The Fugitive
Far From Home

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Far From Home

Nutbucket is making his presence known in all the local diners. He gets sympathy from the waitresses by trotting out his story. Conveniently omitting the overt-beating-of-his-pregnant-wife aspects of it. He gets directions to Camden, which makes us all say, "Uh-oh," and gets into his sporty red car.

Mia and Kimble push the car to a service station, where Kimble offers Mia some food he bought. "No thanks," Mia says primly. Okay, lady, you can just leave the hurt-bunny look in the corner. He apologized, he's offering you food, you're pregnant, and he's saved your butt several times in the last thirty minutes. Suck it up! Kimble reminds her that the baby needs her to eat. She eats an apple reluctantly. Kimble tells her that since the bathrooms are a mess, the owner told Kimble he could replaster them to work off the costs of fixing the car. Kimble tells her he did two stupid things that day, "lost my temper [see, he's still not doing those Zen exercises], and got you that fake license. You shouldn't be running with a fake name, looking over your shoulder all the time like you're a criminal." Because he cornered the market on that and doesn't want anyone encroaching on his territory. Mia just stares at him reproachfully. Kimble keeps talking, and gets on the subject of women's shelters and her need for prenatal care in the near future. Mia starts to smile and gets up, wondering aloud how she can take care of a kid if she can't take care of herself. Kimble reminds her that she did by getting out of her abusive situation, and that doing so saved the unborn baby. At some point Kimble refers to the baby in the male gender, and Mia corrects him. "Just a gut feeling," she says, and asks if he has any kids. "No," he says, getting up to check on the car. Kimble decides to call his lawyer.

The lawyer stutteringly tells him not to reveal where he is. "I wasn't going to," Kimble tells him, and asks if he's heard from Gerard re: the passport package. The lawyer tells him he did, but it was a no-go. "What do you mean? That's who killed Helen, in the photograph!" The lawyer tells him the guy in the photograph is dead. Kimble tries to argue, but the lawyer tells him that he double-checked it and the guy's been dead for years, buried in New Orleans. Kimble insists that he saw the guy twice and was nearly killed by him. The lawyer sadly asks Kimble to turn himself in. "Come home. Rest," he says. Kimble gets enraged and tells him not to talk to him like that. The lawyer tells him to settle down and that he's got an appeals hearing lined up in three weeks. "Now let's do this the right way," the lawyer says. Somehow, I don't think any judge would look kindly upon on a fugitive from justice at an appeals hearing. Call it a hunch. Nor do I believe for one second that this lawyer's phone line isn't tapped! Meanwhile, Mia is playing around with the newspapers and sees the article attached to Kimble's face that says he's still at large. She panics and calls the cops on him. ["She hits on him knowing she's carrying another man's child, he rescues her, and then she turns him in to the cops? Whatta beeyotch." -- Sars]

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The Fugitive




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