The Fugitive
Far From Home

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Far From Home

Kimble rejoins Mia and tells her the car should be ready soon. Mia takes this news rather less jubilantly as Kimble might have come to expect. Kimble asks if she's okay, and Mia tells him nervously that she'll wait outside for him. Kimble sees the newspaper, and suddenly everyone's yelling, the Tension Music got too loud, and it's just anarchy. Kimble tries to tell Mia he's innocent, Mia tells the mechanic Kimble's a murderer, the beefy mechanic grabs Kimble in a bear hug, and Nutbucket drives up. Mia backpedals and runs back into the garage. Nutbucket grabs her by the hair and calls her a bitch. That's it, I've had it. It's time for Kimble to play his ace in the hole. He needs to say, "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry," then turn green and grab Nutbucket by the neck, threatening to squeeze him until his eyes pop out. Kimble wrenches away from the mechanic and tries to get Nutbucket away from Mia. Nutbucket swings at Kimble and knocks him a good one square across the jaw. Then Nutbucket slips on sawdust and flings himself back on some protruding object, which gashes clean through Nutbucket's thigh to come out on the other side. Nutbucket falls to the ground, squalling something awful. There is no evidence that he pulled himself away from the protruding object before slipping to the ground, so how he manages to fall right down without slicing his thigh clear up to his gut is beyond me. And believe me, I rewound the scene many times and suffered through the grossness to check and quadruple-check. Just a point of continuity. Kimble grabs Nutbucket and puts pressure on the leg, trying to stop the bleeding. He orders Mia to get clean rags. She tells him to let Nutbucket bleed to death. "MIA!" Kimble yells. The mechanic hands over some rags as Kimble douses his hands in what we hope is not a bucket for cleaning the goop left from dead flies off of windshields. Kimble gives Mia a rag and tells her to apply pressure to Nutbucket's leg with the heel of her hand. Some computer-generated blood bubbles merrily up from the wound. Kimble realizes he can't fashion a tourniquet from the rags as sirens sound. Kimble looks at Mia. "I called them," she tells him tearfully. Kimble continues his attempts to stanch the blood as the cops get out of the car, weapons drawn. He's ordered to step away from Nutbucket with his hands up. Kimble tells him he can't, because Nutbucket's femoral artery is torn. The cops tell him to put a tourniquet on it. "It won't work!" Kimble shouts. "If I let go, he'll bleed out." He looks at Mia, who looks very contrite. The stupid bint.

Back in Chicago, Lt. Bubba is working on another case, for a change, when his still-pouting commanding officer tells him that Kimble's been captured. Lt. Bubba says he wants to fly down and bring Kimble in himself. You really think they're going to let you transport him when you managed to let him get away twice? Capt. Pouty-Lip tells him he's in the middle of the case, and it's not about gratifying Lt. Bubba's ego. Lt Bubba turns back to the interrogation room and has a blipvert into his past. Again, it's his first wife reaching out to him, trapped in a car underwater. Brainwave! I'll bet Lt. Bubba thinks he's responsible for his wife's accidental death by drowning. In his eyes, that makes him a murderer. But because it was accidental and this is all a guilt complex, he only punishes himself, without actually receiving punishment by the law he upholds and enforces. Instead, he will execute another man who's responsible for his own wife's death, so symbolically, he's executing himself. Class dismissed.

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The Fugitive




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