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Right as they're finished cleaning up, a bunch of thuggish high-schoolers walk in the bar. Kimble tells them the bar is closed. The head thug says, "Ain't four o'clock yet. Gimme a…rum and Coke." Kimble tells them that he knows they're not twenty-one, and to go home. The head thug says, "A dude makes player of the week, he's got a right to party." The head thug leans over the bar and grabs a jar of liquor and tries to drink it. Kimble gives him the hairy eyeball and tells him to cut it out. He is putting up with none of it. When he turns away, the head thug is about to thwack him one but good when the barback sees him and pushes him away. The thug's head hits the bar and a stack of glasses, and he gets cut up pretty dramatically. A big fight ensues. It's a lot of thugs against those two. Suddenly the Sheriff bursts in. The head thug says, "Hey, Dad."

Outside, the Sheriff is talking to his son Zach and the rest of the thugs. He enters. The bar owner Bill starts toadying to him, and tells him that "Jesse said your boy jumped my bartender." Kimble is picking up glass, brows knitted tighter than a purl stitch. The Sheriff asks for Kimble's ID, and gets suspicious when he sees the temporary license. The Sheriff starts asking Kimble what happened and who started it. Kimble evades.

The Sheriff walks over to Jesse and says, "My boy is bleeding like a stuck pig and you don't hardly got a mark on you. You got something to say to that?" The really fat bar owner, who is Jesse's uncle, says, "Jesse! The Sheriff is talking to you!" Jesse says he didn't do anything wrong. The Sheriff puffs out his chest and says, "From the looks of it you didn't do much right, either, son!" He tells him he's "crossed the line" and if he does it again he'll have him (the Sheriff) to contend with. The Sheriff snorts at Bill that he can't see why he took on the responsibilities of fatherhood again. Bill shrugs and says his sister needed a break and he agreed to take on Jesse for at least a school year. Kimble and Jesse both look a tad bit uncomfortable during this convo.

Outside, a Sheriff's deputy is telling Zach they need him for the big game next week, and to give him the keys. Zach whines at his dad, "What did you do to Jesse?" His dad barks, "I gave him his warning. Now you're gonna get yours. Get in the car!" Zach whines AGAIN, "I didn't do nothin'." That damned boy has more whines than a cellar. Ba dum bump.

Back to Chicago. Gerard is sharing all the bits and pieces of info about Fred Johnson that he's gotten from Kimble with his superior officer, including the assault and battery charges in Miami. The officer is examining the passports and comments that the work is great. The officer says that maybe there was a one-armed guy, and Johnson's it. And that maybe Gerard's concerned that he missed something. Gerard quirks an eyebrow and says, "You oughta book yourself on Letterman." Oh how clever. I believe that this is what corporate dudes call "synergy," except that when you're cross-pollinating a show, you should do it on one people actually watch. Otherwise it's called "lame-ergy." The other officer says, "Meanwhile, we've got one of these. Oh yeah -- what do they call it? Murder." He hands Gerard another case file.

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The Fugitive




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