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Shelley's house. Kimble is on his back trying to fix her fireplace while Shelley is telling him the story of what just happened. Kimble interrupts her to ask if she can turn on the light. The house is pretty much blacker than a panther's ass. Shelley is nonplussed, but says, "Sure."

Kimble says, "Okay, flue's open." He points out that it's ninety-five degrees outside in a joking manner. Shelley gets all kittenish and tries to get him to stay over. She then plants a big kiss on him. Kimble is clearly uncomfortable and disengages himself. Shelley looks appalled and says, "I'm sorry." Kimble tells her not to worry. Shelley tells him she knows that he's not staying, that a guy like him never does, and that she's not looking to wear his letterman sweater, she just likes him. Oh God. This is awful. Kimble then tells her that he can't explain, but it just wouldn't work, and just trust him. He walks out. Shelley looks defeated.

As Kimble walks away, the camera pans to Zach and a single thug crouched behind Shelley's car. They start asking Zach, "Should I say, 'I'd like to report a stolen vehicle,' or 'I'd like to report a stolen car'?"

Cut to Kimble walking the not-very-bustling streets of Manchester. He passes by Billy's Tavern and sees Jesse unloading drinks and stacking them. Meanwhile Zach and the Thug (maybe they could develop into a band, like Kool & the Gang) are still trying to steal the car. What a bunch of inept morons.

Kimble is walking to his apartment when the Sheriff pulls up. The Sheriff gets out and starts conversing with him about Ashland, GA. Kimble passes the first few tests with flying colors -- the name of a B&B, the minor-league baseball team -- but trips up on the baseball field, which doesn't have lights. The Sheriff asks if he could take another look at that driver's license. Okay, I've never lived in the South, and maybe this is how things Actually Get Done in small Southern towns, but you know what? I lived in the same town my entire life until I was eighteen -- on the same street even -- and I couldn't, for the life of me, tell you the name of SEVERAL important landmarks. Granted, maybe that's because I spent most of my adolescence high, but still. The Sheriff is not only an Adult Thug but a moron who takes those Perry Mason novels WAY too seriously if he thinks his dime-store detective techniques actually prove anything. These scenes are intercut with Zach and his Henchthug stealing the car and peeling down Shelley's street way too fast. A neighbor putting out his garbage sees them speed by. They are eventually followed by a sheriff's deputy, who then radios the Sheriff to come by.

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The Fugitive




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