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Wistful music plays as Jesse walks down the street. Suddenly he's surrounded by the Sheriff and his deputies. Kimble's bus pulls away, and passes by the Sheriff. Of course Kimble sees Jesse being cuffed by the deputies. We all know what happens next. Wait for it -- oh yes -- Kimble gets off the bus and goes to the Sheriff's office. The minute he sets foot in the office, things get all slo-mo, and every glance seems a Menacing One Full of Portent. Kimble keeps seeing holsters and handcuffs in close-up, an affliction he should really see a therapist or possibly an ophthalmologist for, and there's some major Darth-Vader-y breathing effects going on.

Kimble talks to Jesse through the bars of Jesse's cell. Kimble tells him he knows he didn't do it, that he saw Jesse in the bar, and Jesse shakes his head and tells Kimble off for thinking something that simple is going to get him out. Kimble says he's going to tell the Sheriff. Jesse starts to get hopeful.

Back to Gerard and his wife. They're in his office. He tells her slowly that with his job there's always something -- that you wonder if you looked hard enough and did all you could. Brief flashback blipvert of someone in a car, underwater. Huh? I guess All Will Be Revealed later. She says that she wants him to remember that in a few days, the first person to tell him there was nothing to worry about "was your wife." She kisses him and leaves.

Back to the Sheriff's office. Shelley's neighbor tells a deputy that he saw the car roar by at exactly 9:30 p.m. The deputy asks if he's sure. The neighbor says haughtily, in a cornpone accent thick enough to stand on, "Do the words of Jesus Christ Our Lord mean anything to you?" The deputy curls his lip and nostril like he smelled a used baby diaper. I laugh for the first time ever during this show, at exactly 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Gerard asks the woman police officer if she's gotten any responses yet. She says there are fifty with no responses, and he tells her to phone them. She looks at him with an expression that says, "Eat it." He says sneeringly, "Hot date?" Whoops -- apparently yes. Gerard agrees to look for an alternative if she gets started on the calls right away. Big dramatic zoom-in on the name of the sheriff in Manchester, South Carolina.

Well, whaddya know. It's Kimble, being questioned by that very sheriff. He tells the Sheriff that he saw Jesse in the tavern. He is uneasy and stuttering. The Sheriff asks if he's okay, that he seems a little nervous and jumpy. The Sheriff tells him that does he know Jesse had a record, and that they're both strangers to him. Kimble says slowly, "Okay. I just wanted to tell you what I saw." The Sheriff tells him he can't believe him until he checks him out, just like he checked out Jesse.

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The Fugitive




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