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Next scene. The deputy is unlocking Jesse from the cell and telling him that it looks like they got the wrong guy and he's free to go. Jesse is grateful and asks if he can just use the phone. The deputy says sure. Jesse sits with his body blocking the desk's view from the deputy and slides Kimble's poster under the blotter on the desk. Pretty slick! Jesse walks out, and the Sheriff apologizes to him. Now I feel bad for calling the Sheriff an adult thug. Not bad enough to linger on it, though. Jesse tells him he's sorry about Zach, and his deputy.

Overhead shot of Kimble leaving the police station. He sees Jesse and says, "You sure make it hard to leave town." Jesse solemnly hands him the crumpled up Wanted flier and tells Kimble that he got to it before the Sheriff saw it. Kimble tries to say something, but Jesse says he doesn't know and doesn't care about what Kimble did or didn't do, and that he owes Kimble one. He tells Kimble that walking into that office took some stones. Kimble smiles, and then takes off, looking backward at Jesse as he leaves.

Back to Gerard's office. The Lab Dude walks in and tells him that blah blah blah Forensics looked at the evidence, the only living person in that crime scene was Richard Kimble, go-home-and-get-it-on-with-your-wife-cakes.

Cut to Billy's Tavern. Jesse is reading To Kill A Mockingbird. Shelley tells him, "Good book, huh?" Jesse says, "Guy doesn't die at the end, does he?" Shelley says, "I said good, not happy." Jesse says, "You know who you sound like?" Shelley gives a sad half-smile. Fade up on shot of Kimble hitching down a lonely country road.

Next week: The name of the show changes to "Touched by a Fugitive." Kimble helps out a battered woman who then shows her gratitude by turning his ass in.

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