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On the street, Kimble finally asks what lagniappe means. Nettie tells him it's a Cajun word for "a little something extra, something unexpected." Just y'all remember who brought it to you first, up top. The cynical Kimble says, "You mean like a bribe?" Nettie tells him it's more like a present, but Hank's always trying to get something. Nettie goes on to explain that they had a brief fling, which didn't turn out to be anything serious. "I think it was for him," Kimble says. Nettie explains that, without Hank, they'd have "real cops and real trouble." Kimble says it must be hard for Nettie to be hiding all the time. "Well, you oughta know," Nettie says. Kimble looks at her. Nettie goes on that whatever happened in his past life doesn't matter since he's the "real thing." I guess she's referring to the fact that he's a real doctor. Kimble gets all down and says he's not the real thing anymore. Nettie tells him it's what he is, was, and always will be, and she calls it having a "gift." There's a crash in the next room, and I run to find Overarching Plot Metaphor playing hide-and-seek with the cats. The cats found him and pounced, knocking over a stack of books in the process. Kimble does the Exposition Dance and tells Nettie that his father was against him becoming a doctor, because his opinion was, "What's the upside? You know way too much about people being sick and not enough about how to fix it." Kimble shakes his head and says his father didn't understand, "because every once in awhile you --" He stops and looks at Nettie: "We know how to fix it." Nettie comments that he must "miss it bad [sic]." They reach Nettie's house, and she kisses Kimble. He looks surprised. "Lagniappe?" she says, and kisses him again. Prolonged mashing scene. Well, I guess it's okay for him to kiss her back, since she's on the wrong side of the law as well. Kimble must be a good kisser, because when Nettie breaks away, she acts like she's in need of smelling salts. Or, at the very least, a whiff of Pomegranate lizard blood. "Wow," she breathes, "goodnight." Kimble watches her go inside and broods by her gate for a piece.

Smooth jazz plays as a sky-cam zooms over another riverboat, just to remind us once again that We Are In New Orleans And Not Seattle. It's a brand new day, and as Kimble puts on his shoes, I wonder if I don't detect a little flush in his cheek that wasn't there before last night. Ah, me, there's nothing like a fugitive in love. Hank busts into his room and tells Kimble, "We need to have a little heart-to-heart, Steve." This whole exchange is just far too similar to the episode with the wife-beater in South Carolina. Instead of getting to the point, Hank comments about the lack of shine on Kimble's shoes and that his room is filthy. "I don't know how you can stand it," Hank says, and reaches into his pocket. He shows Kimble a piece of fabric and asks him if he knows what it is. Kimble shakes his head and looks at the ground. Hank tells him it's a gris gris. "Some folks call it a Mojo Hand. It's a voodoo thang," he explains and empties the bag onto the table. Hank tells Kimble, "If you want someone to fall in love wi' you, you git yesself one of deese." Maybe Julie the Mormon should've tried gris gris on M@ the Supa Fly. BYU would have had to exorcise their hallowed halls after that. And since I'm already wandering a little off-topic, I'll go even further down the road to say that "supa" means "penis" in Romanian. I think everyone needs to think about that. Anyway, Hank picks up one of the objects and thrusts it in Kimble's face. "Lookit that, it's a toad's livah," Hank "Crazier Than Jesus" says. Kimble recoils and wonders how he manages to stumble across so many nutters. Finally, Hank stops his Ramblin' Rose speech and tells Kimble that he got the gris gris to make Nettie Beaumont "come back to [him]." Hank Desperado hasn't come to his senses, because he's been out riding crazy fences for so long now, and he picks up another piece of the gris gris to shove in Kimble's face. "That's a crow's claw. See, there's a certain kind of pain that yuh cain't keell. You know, yer doin' yer job but you cain't stop thinkin' 'bout her. Yuh go to sleep, you dream," he drawls and picks up a third piece of the gris gris. "Now this heah, that's snake rut [trans. root]," Hank says, and sniffs it. "Hoo-wee, that's bittah, bittah as hell," Hank says, and looks pointedly at Kimble. I don't get it. Hank asks if Kimble thinks Nettie is in love with him. Kimble looks defeated for some reason and says, "No, I don't." Hank asks him if he understands why he's "gotta be leavin' town." Kimble nods.

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The Fugitive




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