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Nettie is putting voodoo stuff away in the back of the shop. She casts a furtive look towards the front and pulls out a battered admissions guide for Tulane Medical School. Her father comes into the back, and she stashes the guide. He comments that she got in late last night. There's a back-and-forth conversation about how it's better for her to prostitute herself to the smarmy hands of Hank for the good of the clinic rather than get involved with anyone else. Suddenly there's a commotion, and the pregnant Adella and her husband come rushing in, saying they need help. Adella seems to be in labor even though she's too early.

A plug-ugly, ice-blue, two-door, low-slung Mercedes (aw, man, pimpin' ain't E-Z) pulls up to the bus station with Hank and Kimble. Hank orders Kimble to make a call to Nettie to tell her he's got a personal emergency and he won't be coming in that day. Hank hands Kimble a quarter and says, "On me," while chawing his gum. Not that I'm pulling for the redneck cocaine-sniffing cop or anything, but wouldn't it be better for Hank's situation if Kimble just left town without a word to anyone? By the way, I'd like to note that it doesn't really seem too plausible that a crooked cop trying to hide the fact that he's crooked would be driving around an ostentatious and obviously expensive car like that. Of course, when Kimble calls, he hears that Adella's hemorrhaging. "Steve, are you there?" Nettie asks when Kimble doesn't say anything. Hank calls out that his bus is waiting. Kimble hangs up the phone. As he's on the bus, he can see Hank insolently waving goodbye from the street. As soon as the bus is out of sight of Hank, Kimble tells the bus driver he has to get off. The driver tells him there are no stops until the airport. Kimble tells him he can't pay the fare. The bus slams to a stop, and Kimble gets off.

Doubling back to the clinic, he arrives In The Nick Of Time. Adella is writhing and crying in pain as her husband looks on with tears streaming down his face. Nettie is about to give Adella something to calm her down, but Kimble tells her that's not a good idea because it could do something bad to her respiration. There's a lot of ER jargon tossed back and forth; the upshot is, her water broke, she's lost a lot of blood, her blood pressure is too low, and because of something with the placenta, she needs a C-section. Kimble orders them to call an ambulance. Nettie hesitates; Kimble tells her Adella could die. Oh, I forgot to mention that in the middle of all this, the tension is building and so is the music. Adella says something in Creole, and the husband translates that the baby is coming. Kimble gets in position by her legs and says to turn her on her side to help the blood flow. "Nettie, you've got to call an ambulance right now!" Kimble shouts. Pop Voodoo shouts back that he will take care of it. Nettie tries to argue, but Kimble needs her help again. Kimble says they have to stop Adella's contractions, but they don't have any Turbutalin, so they won't be able to do that. Kimble notes that the baby's heartbeat is erratic because it's in distress, so they have to deliver the baby now. Pop Voodoo calls Hank and tells him the sitch and says he needs to drive Adella and her husband to the hospital in his car. Hank figures out that Kimble didn't leave town after all, and gets pissed. More turmoil in the clinic, because the baby's shoulder's caught and it's not coming out.

Hank arrives and refuses to drive anyone to the hospital until he gets an answer from Kimble "about the crap [he] pulled." He pushes a protesting Pop Voodoo to the side and starts yelling at Kimble, who has just announced that they have to break the baby's clavicle. Hank pulls a gun on everyone, and Kimble shouts that the baby and woman will die if they don't get her to a hospital. And, frankly, he just doesn't need all this pressure. Nettie secretly grabs a syringe. Sirens blare, and Nettie tells her father that she called an ambulance and told them to come to the back. Adella pushes two more times, and the baby is born. Not that I wanted the baby or mother to suffer, but what with all the screaming about clavicle-breaking, C-sections, and a whole lot of other life-threatening jargon, that was kind of anticlimactic. Kimble asks the father if he wants to cut the cord just as the EMS team arrives. Adella and baby are wheeled out on a stretcher, and one of the medics tells Hank they have real serious questions that must be answered. Hank agrees, flashes his badge, and says he'll be calling them for a statement, and he thanks them for their quick response. Hank turns back to Kimble et al. and tells them that because there will be so many questions, it would be better to get Kimble in the jail cell since he will be guilty of anything they try to pin on him. "Isn't that right, Maurice?" Hank asks Pop Voodoo. "I don't know, Hank," Pop Voodoo responds. Hank brandishes a gun and cuffs, and there's a scuffle, which results in Kimble plunging the syringe -- secretly passed to him by Nettie -- into Hank's shoulder. Nettie tells Kimble to go. Kimble goes.

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The Fugitive




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