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In the clinic, Hank says, "I just want to be able to love you. Please?" in drugged tones. Disgusted, Nettie pulls herself away, and her father asks if he's going to be okay. Nettie says he'll "sleep it off." Pop Voodoo tries to tell his daughter that everything is going to be okay. Nettie contradicts him and tells him it's not. Pop Voodoo says the clinic is who he is and that's how everyone knows him. Nettie cries and says it's not her. They hug, and Nettie takes off her medical apron and walks out. Metaphorically and literally.

Back in Chicago, Chief Pushover testifies before Internal Affairs that Lt. Bubba has had "personality changes" in the past few months. He goes on about Lt. Bubba's obsession with the one fugitive, and about his insubordination. Cut to Dennis Miller, Esq. reading the rest of the statement to Lt. Bubba. He finishes by telling him that Chief Pushover wants a psychological evaluation of Lt. Bubba. I'm thinking that's not such a bad idea. Dennis Miller, Esq. asks what he did to piss Chief Pushover off. Lt. Bubba says, "He just wants to be Chief of Detectives." Well, I guess he's a little behind. Dennis Miller, Esq. tells Lt. Bubba that McLaren is Chief of Detectives. It was announced that morning. "Man, you sure know how to pick an enemy," Dennis Miller, Esq. comments. "For some reason, I think he picked me," Lt. Bubba comments. Lt. Bubba's little helper slyly gives him a file and tells him that Kimble was spotted in Atlantic City and got shot at by some bounty hunter named Vasick. Apparently, Lt. Bubba knows who Vasick is. Lt. Bubba's little helper tells him that the report came in on Monday, but Chief Pushover ordered her not to give it to Lt. Bubba. She wonders aloud why someone who is supposed to be Lt. Bubba's friend would screw him over like that. Lt. Bubba flounders over a little local homily, and his little helper helps him, saying, "In Chicago politics, a friend is someone who stabs you in the chest." She nods significantly at him and walks away.

Kimble's at the New Orleans hospital, paying off the scrub-clad receptionist while looking over Charnquist's file. The file doesn't turn up anything interesting, so Kimble asks her if she knows where Charnquist is buried. "No idea," she says. "Why don't you ask his wife?" Music of Newly Revealed Plot Twist plays, and there's an end.

Next week, Kimble and manimal catch up with One Arm's old lady while I'm off cavorting and tasting whisky in Scotland. Cheers!

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The Fugitive




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