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Previously: Kimble sticks around after his father's funeral and an ex-flame hides him while she gets lab evidence on One Arm. Then his ex-father-in-law hires a bounty hunter who tracks him to Philly. There's also a dumb, gratuitous subplot for Gerard, in which his daughter runs away because he's alienated her by never talking about her mother. Boo fucking hoo.

Close-up on American flag. Pan to Kimble. He's walking, and he's dressed like a waiter in dark coat, tie, pants, and white shirt. Tim Daly looks nervous and edgy, probably wondering if he can make the mortgage payments with the smell of cancellation in the air, like napalm.

Ah-hah! Reason for edginess is revealed: two cops are walking perpendicular to him across an empty sidewalk corner. He gets so distracted watching them that he almost crosses on a red light. He is saved by a trenchcoated fellow, who looks eerily like Geoffrey Rush at first glance. After two minutes this effect wears off, and he just looks sort of rabbity.

Not-Geoffrey Rush chats up Kimble with the nervous chatter of someone on a lot of drugs. Shades of Shine. Geoffrey/Not-Geoffrey, my sister/my daughter, I'm having massive cognitive dissonance here. Kimble, apparently having learned something from being on the lam, brushes him off.

Familiar computer graphic of map of the U.S. Chicago, Illinois. Flashing skyline of the city. Cut to Dr. Anspaugh, Kimble's ex-father-in-law, talking with Vasick under a freeway overpass. Anspaugh's complaining that Kimble's still out there. Vasick complains that in Philly the cops messed it up. Anspaugh complains that Vasick should be delivering more results, considering the money involved. Vasick gets all smarmy and tells him he knows how Anspaugh feels, what with his daughter dead for so long. Here Anspaugh says that it's been a year and nine months. They yap some more, Anspaugh gets all "blah blah blah vengeance is mine cakes." Vasick tries to impress Anspaugh and tells him that he's going to tap Kimble's appeal lawyer's phone, even though he doesn't have the proper warrants.

Back to Kimble, in a phone booth, calling Abe Eisenberg, his lawyer. Kimble tells Abe he's got a clue about One-Arm: that he's got malaria. Cut to Vasick and some A/V club president replaying the conversation. Vasick tries to think of ways to track Kimble down. He and the A/V club president play one bit of Kimble's conversation over and over and over again until Vasick, very MacGyver-like, detects from the operator's fake New Joisey accent and the sound of jingling slots that Kimble's in Atlantic City. Frankly, I would've found this scene more credible had Vasick looked into a crystal ball and asked where Kimble was located.

Map of the U.S.; flashing light at Atlantic City, New Jersey. Cut to the inside of a casino. The atmosphere is subdued, and the people generally look like people hoping for some luck, as opposed to high rollers. ["Well, that's AC for you -- small-timers and senior-citizen field trips." -- Sars] Not-Geoffrey Rush is being escorted outside by some bouncers. Kimble sees them and tries to stop it from happening. The bouncers tell him, "Your friend cheated," and proceed to kick NGR to the curb.

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