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Ask not for whom the bell tolls

Jean's house. Bryan demands Jean make the call. Wow, Bryan is a big wimp AND a whiny bitch. What a prize. Jean says, "Okay, but I'm not going to mention Richard by name, I'm just going to say it's a kidnapping and give the car's plates." And why, exactly, couldn't she have DONE just that rather than told that to us? More Tums, please!

Back to the highway. Vasick is pulling off to "get gas," but the tank is full. He passes a police car going the opposite way, which almost immediately starts flashing its gumballs (doesn't that phrase sound horribly dirty? I love it) and flips a bitch so it can follow them. Vasick floors it. Man, this is almost like Starsky & Hutch, watching that big ol' Caddy zoom down the highway. Vasick cleverly pulls into an open garage, and the police car falls for it and zooms by.

Kimble clutches onto his door handle and eyes Vasick's seatbelt. Suddenly he hits the seatbelt button so it snaps back. While Vasick is distracted, Kimble steps on the gas and grabs the wheel, turning the car into a cement wall. In a dramatic overhead shot, we see Vasick's big bald head shoot through the windshield and land on the hood. Now, for a few seconds here I got really excited and even made a mental note of the action in case I ever get kidnapped, until I realized that Vasick is driving, like, a GM (said so on the seatbelt logo) that's from the early eighties at LEAST, and I somehow doubt that a seatbelt in a car that old is going to have a snappy spring action. Nice idea, though.

Back to Vasick, gasping on the hood of his car. We get a few dramatic close-ups of his fingers curling spastically. Ouch! Kimble opens the door and hoofs it on out of there.

Cut to a product-placed Nokia phone with a red cover. It's Vasick, complaining that he had to lose the car. The camera pans around to reveal McClaren, Gerard's boss! This actually took me by surprise. McClaren snaps, "I got you the job. That's the end of it. Don't ever call me again." He hangs up. You'd think practically having phones come out of Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore's butts in Charlie's Angels would've blown Nokia's product-placement budget for the year, but I guess they still had $85.34 left over for this show.

Vasick calls Mr. Ross and tells him that he's been having trouble with McClaren, who's not being a "team player." Haw! I love that a bounty hunter uses corporate-ese. Mr. Ross says, "He needs a good coach." They hang up.

Cut to Jean, reading a letter from Kimble. He's safe, and tells her that he knows she can take care of herself, and anyone lucky enough to be loved by her, and that he owes her for not turning away, and that he'll carry the memory of her faith in him through the long, lonely, fugitive-y nights. Yet another shot of Kimble turning up his collar as he walks down a lonely road, right by a freeway overpass.

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The Fugitive




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