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Ask not for whom the bell tolls

Back to the house. Alarm, still flashing. Kimble's no longer cradling the cat. Instead, he's unwrapping two syringes that he fished out of the motel trashcan when he ran into One Arm lo these many episodes ago. Two words: yee-uck. Kimble gets up when he hears noises on the front lawn. It's the security guards from the alarm company, approaching the house. The brunette from the cemetery and her boyfriend pull up right behind them.

A security guard enters the house. Kimble hides behind a mantle, then runs away at the first opportunity, except he almost gets cornered. He runs into a bedroom. Outside, the boyfriend tells the brunette, "See, this is why I've got a dog." The brunette spots the ceramic frog, which is turned in the opposite direction from where it was originally, and Sensing Something, runs inside while the boyfriend rather lackadaisically says, "Hey."

A bald security guard swings open the bedroom door just as Kimble ducks behind it. Oh the suspense! Will this never end? A glance at the clock shows we're barely 15 minutes into the show, so I'm guessing no, not for another 30 minutes, at least (not counting commercial breaks). The brunette shows up suddenly, cradling Mr. Jones in her arms, and makes up some story about how the kitchen window was open just enough for the kitty to squeeze his way through, so it's a false alarm and everyone can go home.

The brunette walks the boyfriend out and asks if she could get a little time alone, since with "Maggie, and the funeral, and the cops," it's been quite a day. Bryan, the BF, snarks that if he lived there, she could "just send me to my room." Okay, I already dislike Bryan quite a lot -- a cat hater and a tendency toward freaky Mommy-and-her-bad-little-boy fantasies. Yick. The brunette ushers him out the door.

As soon as the door closes, she calls, "You can come out now." Kimble emerges, looking sheepish. He says, "Thank you…umm…you still had your key…" She starts yelling at him for scaring her and taking such a big chance. Kimble says, "Jean, hey!" and grabs her by the arms. She says, "What am I supposed to do with you now? Say something, you just didn't wander in!"

Kimble pulls the syringes out of his pocket and tells her that he needs to use them to prove One Arm exists by finding out what he's injecting. Jean, tight-lipped, says she'll get them to her lab in the morning. She says, "I'm sorry about your father."

Kimble tries to leave. Jean won't let him. Jean mutters that she'll have to hide him from Bryan, since he won't get this. Jean touches his jacket and says, "Your jacket is filthy. Take it off and let me wash it." Hey, isn't this how Penthouse Forum letters always start? "I couldn't believe it happened to me. I came home and there was a blandly attractive intruder in my house holding two syringes." ["A lot of them, yes." -- Sars] Jean asks if he's hungry, since she has leftovers. Kimble half-smiles and says, "Lasagna. For three years. Every Friday. Leftover lasagna."

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The Fugitive




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