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Ask not for whom the bell tolls

Kimble. Bathroom. He's wiping his head with a towel, after dying his hair. So far this episode is about as enthralling as watching milk pasteurize. It's so boring that I try and identify what kind of dye he's using, but the camera scans by too fast. Oh oh. Maybe I spoke too soon. Kimble hears a noise and steps into the hallway. He shrugs minutely, obviously chiding himself for imagining things, when Bryan comes up behind him and slams him into a wall. Quick, hand me my digitalis -- my heart can't take the excitement.

Bryan and Kimble stand and gaze at one another, looking like they're about to waltz. Bryan breaks the embrace and says, "I'm calling the police!" Kimble runs after him, and Jean rushes into the room. She calls Bryan's name. Bryan whines, "My shirt -- you gave him my shirt!" Bryan goes to call the police. Kimble protests that nothing is Jean's fault. Jean yells at Bryan that Kimble has new evidence, and if he calls the police they're through.

Kimble says he'll leave and tells Jean he can get the results over the phone. He tells Bryan that Jean's talking to him isn't breaking the law. Umm, no, but harboring a known criminal probably is. Maybe he's hoping Bryan will suffer extreme short-term memory loss and forget that part. The actress playing Jean unfortunately comes from the acting school of Eyebrow Emoting -- if they were knit together any further, she'd have a sweater hanging off her forehead.

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door! Jean runs down the hall. Bryan tells Kimble, "Stay here," as if Kimble was a large-wattled, excitable dog. A US Marshal's at the door. Jean opens it, only to reveal Vasick. Ruh-roh.

Jean says, "Do you know how many times I've told the police the same story?" Vasick says, "Well you haven't talked to me." Vasick proceeds to stir the shit by telling Bryan that Jean and Kimble used to be roommates, sneering all the while. They hustle him out the door.

And now, for a completely unrelated subplot. Gerard is interrogating his daughter's friend Julie. This plotline feels about as natural as a pair of vinyl pants -- what the hell does this have to do with anything? Shouldn't we be learning about Gerard from his actions that have, say, a direct bearing on the main storyline, not some completely contrived plot device? Did anyone on the staff ever take a screenwriting course or, say, read a good book? Argh! Anyways, blah blah blah interrogation-cakes. Turns out Julie and Alex went to a nightclub. Gerard tells her she's not in any trouble, but that she's obviously scared, "and that scares us," and they just want to know where their daughter is.

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The Fugitive




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