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Ask not for whom the bell tolls

Later that day. Bryan walks out of a building. Vasick is waiting for him. Bryan tells him, "Look, I already told you Jean doesn't know where Kimble is." Vasick proceeds to sow more seeds of doubt by telling Bryan that there's nothing more appealing to a woman than a handsome guy in distress, especially a guy a woman's known in the past. Wow, someone dig Freud out of his grave and tell him a second-rate stock TV character has finally discovered what women want. Vasick also points out that harboring a fugitive has a sentence of one to three years. Vasick says, "You give me Kimble. No repercussions." Bryan walks away. Vasick threatens to get a search warrant and comb through Jean's house, and if one trace of Kimble is there, Jean's "going to the dollhouse." "The dollhouse?" Gosh, I hope it's the Malibu Barbie Dream one! That one has the keenest furniture. Bryan hesitates. Bryan is a whiny bitch.

Back to Gerard. Julie's crying. "There was a mosh pit. I told Alex not to go. But she wouldn't listen." A MOSH PIT? BWAH HA HA HA! For crying out loud, the last time I was in a mosh pit was 1990, and even then they were a dying breed. I think someone better toss their Doc Martens, flight jacket, and 1987 issue of Rolling Stone out the door and start finding some better sources for what's hip with the kids these days. Maybe some things never go out of style, but puh-leeze … this is almost as bad as the Dawson's Creek rave episode. Anyway, apparently a scaffold collapsed on Alex. Well, if you can't stand the mosh -- don't get in the fucking pit!

Jean's house. Jean runs in, breathless, and tells Kimble she drove around for ages to throw the Marshal off her tail. There is more knitting and purling of her brows. This chick's gonna need a lot of Botox if she relies primarily on her forehead to convey her "craft." Kimble grimly says, "He's not a Marshal," and points out that Marshals don't drive beat-up Caddies with Illinois plates. Kimble says he has to leave, and he'll call tonight for the results. He tells Jean solemnly to be careful, and that if they find any trace of him in her house, to tell them that he forced her. Jean snarks, "Oh yeah, you put a gun to my head, you're a very dangerous criminal." Kimble booms, "Jean, I mean it." Would it kill Tim Daly to maybe vary some vocal tones when he gets Muy Serioso? Otherwise I'm gonna start sending him my ibuprofen bills. Just then there's a knock at the door. It's Vasick, saying he has a search warrant. Jean mouths, "Go!" to Kimble. He takes off.

Jean goes to the door and says, "I'm gonna have to verify that search warrant…could you slip it under the door, please?" In a burst of plywood, Vasick busts open the door with his gun drawn and starts swinging his head wildly like a raccoon on the scent of some rotten apples.

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The Fugitive




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