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Ask not for whom the bell tolls

The nurse flashes the photo. Close-up on a really gratuitous and unpleasant pic of a young girl on a steel gurney, all cut up. Gerard gasps, "That's not her." He collects himself and offers to help that girl's family if he can. Sara asks, "What about Alex?" The doctor tells them all the other kids from Club 312 have all been released and shows them all the charts. Sara IDs Alex from the star tattoo on her ankle. Gerard wigs at the mention of the tattoo, and the doctor tells them some cat named "John Simpson" claiming to be Alex's father checked her out.

Impound lot. Vasick tries to tell the attendant some sob story about getting the car for his idiot brother-in-law. The attendant all but rolls his eyes. Vasick tries the handy cash bribe to at least "check and see if it's the right car." Not surprisingly, that goes over much better.

Vasick crowbars open Jean's trunk. It's empty. The attendant yells, "What are you doing?" He demands to see Vasick's ID. Just as Vasick pulls it out, he spots Kimble, halfway across the lot. He tries to take off, but the attendant won't let him, so he kneecaps him with the crowbar. The attendant tries to stop him, and Vasick hits him in the back. The attendant collapses onto Vasick. Now, that has to be THE most dedicated impound lot attendant I've ever seen. The couple of times I've been to an impound lot, I could've been bleeding out every orifice of my body and the attendant wouldn't have batted an eye.

Kimble goes tearing out of the lot. He yells at the guard at the front gate, "Your partner's in trouble back there!" The second guard goes running back to find the gasping attendant, only to have Vasick step out and give him a crowbar to the head. Okay, that makes a lot of sense -- was Vasick just needing a bit of the ultra-violence so he hung around to whack the second attendant in the head? Why the hell didn't he go running after Kimble ASAP? Whatever. Why do I even bother asking?

A house. Gerard. A smoothy opens the door. Gerard asks where his daughter is. The smoothy tells him. Gerard steps in the house, and smartly shuts the door so quickly that the smoothy ends up outside. Haw! Pretty slick. Gerard walks over and yells at Alex for going home with a stranger. Alex says the stranger is a nice guy and has been trying to get her to come home. Frankly, I'd rather read a medical textbook about aberrant dermatological conditions than bear one more minute of this inane subplot. So here's the quick summary: Gerard impresses the Seriousness of the Situation (i.e., a girl's death) on Alex. Alex repents and laments not helping the girl out from under the scaffolding. There is a big parallel drawn between Alex's current situation and Gerard's not saving his first wife. Many blipverts of the accident occur. Alex demands to know about her mother, since Gerard never talks about her. Gerard starts to talk about her. Christ, go to family counseling and stop inflicting this stupid story on us!

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The Fugitive




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