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Maggie, Kimble's sister, steps out on a porch and says, "Did you bring the peanut brittle?" to her uncle and cousin, who are lugging suitcases up the front walk. There's family banter back and forth about Maggie stuffing her face with two tons of peanut brittle, and then the uncle asks, "How's my big brother?" Maggie tells them he wanted to be up to greet them himself, but he's just too tired. Making a liar out of his daughter, Pa Kimble steps out onto the porch and growls, "What the hell are these people doing at my house?" Family ribbing ensues, and Pa Kimble calls them all "buzzards!" I love the Grumpy Old Man bit. My grandfather was like that. Every year, the five of us would drive from Minnesota to the state of Washington in a smelly, hot woody station wagon (we later graduated to a big mini-van), and on my grandparents' door would be a big, fake padlock accompanied by a sign that said, "Keckler family, go home!" Maggie gently admonishes his father for being out of bed, but he ignores her, and there's more joking about his brother bringing peanut brittle. Don't get excited, folks -- the constant mentioning of peanut brittle is not crucial to Kimble's plot, it's just an attempt to give these people familial idiosyncrasies.

Maggie prepares dinner and the phone rings. Cousin Kimble answers it and tells Maggie that it's from an I.M. Superior. ["Hee. I know it's dumb, but those make me laugh. If my brother went on the lam, he'd totally call me up and identify himself as I.P. Freeley or something." -- Sars] Maggie rushes over and takes the phone, but doesn't leave the room like any person with half a brain and a fugitive brother would. She tells the caller she is U.R. Superior, much to the mystification of Unc and Cuz Kimble. Kimble asks to speak to his father, and Maggie tells him she doesn't know if Pa Kimble will want to speak to him. Kimble insists. Maggie takes the phone to her father and says, "It's Richard." Pa Kimble waves the phone away until Maggie pleads with him. Pa Kimble takes the phone, and it's obvious from their conversation that Pa Kimble thinks his son is guilty. Pa Kimble hands the phone back to his daughter. Kimble tells her he's coming to Philly to visit his dad. Maggie tries to convince him otherwise. "When is garbage pick-up?" Kimble asks his sister. "Day after tomorrow, why?" Maggie says. "Leave the door unlocked," Kimble tells her. What, his next disguise is going to be an eggshell or an old potato peel?

And ten minutes into the show, we have opening credits.

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The Fugitive




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