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Kimble goes to a store in New York (which is actually in Seattle's Pioneer Square, as litlnemo pointed out on the boards), and notes that the security cameras are hooked up to the NYPD and steals a leather jacket. Kimble throws the jacket outside the store as the alarm sounds, and he runs off.

Lt. Bubba is on the phone when Capt. Pushover drops by and tells him that a little piece of news just in from NYPD might alter his ETD. They view the video of Kimble looking straight into the security camera (to make sure they get a clear view of his face) before walking into the store. It's all so obvious even a voter from Florida could figure it out. But Capt. Pushover expresses the dissenting view that this video proves there's no way Kimble will be visiting his Pa in Philly. Lt. Bubba makes an ESP connection with Kimble and states that Kimble made sure he was seen in New York because he's definitely going to Philly.

Cousin Kimble answers the door to an older and more haggard version of Faith, wearing a tight leather skirt and tank top with Gap's camouflage pattern of last year, cut precisely enough to show two tattooed snakes crawling up both of her veiny arms. Oh, she's a hard-core middle-aged woman, all right, and undoubtedly carrying around more baggage than what's under her eyes. Cousin Kimble looks like he's just found the perfect girl to take home to Mom and Dad to scare the pee out of them. Faith at Forty asks if she can talk to Pa Kimble, and walks right in without waiting for an answer. She barges into the sickroom and plants herself in front of Pa Kimble. She introduces herself as a Chicago reporter who would like to ask some questions about his son. What's her rag anyway? The Chicago edition of The Village Voice for the menopausal? Pa Kimble says, "I haven't had a beautiful woman in my room since my wife died [he must have reached the stage of his sickness where the blindness sets in, and I guess he doesn't think too much of his own daughter's looks, either]. Turns out to be a reporter." Pa Kimble apologizes for not being able to get out of bed and throw her bony ass out himself. Heh. He calls Cousin Kimble into the room and asks him to give the aged Eliza Douche-ku the bum's rush. She's not beaten yet, and she tries to convince Pa Kimble to give his side of the story since he's been so silent in the face of the media lately. Pa Kimble apologizes and tells her he was rather busy fighting for his life, and then realizes that this decrepit teenager wrote some story during the trial. Faith at Forty shrugs and says that no one in his family would talk to her. Again, Pa Kimble slams her down by telling her they had more going on than being concerned about getting good press. Faith at Forty, who must think that dramatic arm movements make up for her total dearth of real acting ability, tries one more time and intimates that if he put her in touch with Richard himself, maybe she could present the other side. Pa Kimble says, "Shame on you," and Cousin Kimble escorts Faith at Forty to the door so she can go look up "tact" in her pocket dictionary.

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The Fugitive




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