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Bags in hand, Lt. Bubba saunters off to Philly, once again certain that this time He Will Get His Man. Meanwhile, Capt. Pushover calls up the Philly P.D. and tells them to detain Lt. Bubba.

We are treated to another round of Unc Kimble being a putz to Maggie about her brother. He preaches about not wanting to be involved. I guess he won't be voted Good Samaritan in the next election, unless hanging chads are counted. Maggie spills the beans by saying, "Involved in what, Uncle David? A son who wants to say goodbye to his father?" and walks out. Unc Kimble mutters to himself, "So, he's coming," and goes off to program 911 into the speed dial.

The blue electric map finally makes its appearance to show us where exactly Philadelphia, PA is. Thank God for that map. With all the shifting back and forth between New York, Chicago, Seattle, Maine, and Philly, I forgot where Pennsylvania really was.

Kimble hides out in a sewer in Philly as cop cars drive by. At the Philly P.D., deskmen do their best to "detain" Lt. Bubba. They take Lt. Bubba's gun and badge and apologize for having to follow their commanding officer's orders. They try to make Lt. Bubba feel better by telling him that Kimble was spotted in New York. "Naw, he's here," Lt. Bubba assures them. As he walks out, the detectives tell Lt. Bubba to try to enjoy the city. "Yeah, right," Lt. Bubba growls. The two detectives look at each other. "What, in Philly?" one asks the other, who chuckles at this oh-so-clever insult to the city of Philadelphia. Whatever, Hollywood-centric writers.

Lt. Bubba is staked out in front of the Kimble house. He calls someone on his cell phone, gives his badge number, and asks that his calls be patched through the Chicago Homicide Division. He then calls Maggie Kimble, who sees by the caller I.D. that the incoming call is from Chicago Metro Police. She tells Lt. Bubba she doesn't have to talk to him, and he tells her he has reason to believe Kimble might try and contact her. "Really?" Maggie says sarcastically. Lt. Bubba tells her he's sorry about her father's declining health. Maggie waxes sarcastic on that and tells him it would be foolhardy for her brother to attempt so obvious a move as to come home at this time. Lt. Bubba starts to say something, but a Good Humor man tinkles by, and Lt. Bubba ducks and covers up his cell phone so Maggie doesn't hear the sound through the phone as well as hearing it outside her door. Too late. Maggie looks out the window, and then runs out on the porch and looks up and down the street. She doesn't seem too worried, even though there are several police cars parked on the street. Is she naïve enough to think she could recognize a stakeout car from that distance? If she had any imagination, she could pull an Eddie Murphy and stick a banana in Lt. Bubba's tail pipe. Yeah, and if Dan Rather had side pockets, he'd carry a frog.

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The Fugitive




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