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Night has fallen on the City of Brotherly Love, and Kimble, blessed with the luck of The Fugitive, finds an open garage from which he snatches coveralls and a dark shirt. At Chez Kimble, Unc Kimble locks the front door Maggie had left unlocked and, in a very un-Motel 6 frame of mind, turns out the light. Lt. Bubba monitors all these goings-on from his car. His cell phone rings; it's the annoying Faith at Forty reporter. She gets out of her car, displaying hipster thigh-high boots, and waves at him so he knows that she knows they are both on the stakeout, and to remind us why women in their twilight years shouldn't wear leather. She offers to help him catch Kimble so she can get the story. Lt. Bubba tells her it's not much of a story. "Don't you think the loss of your first wife and your obsession with this case would make a really great story?" Faith at Forty asks, her voice dripping with the venom from her tattoos. Lt. Bubba tells her the conversation is over. "For now," she quips as he hangs up.

Time must have passed, because Lt. Bubba looks like he might have just awakened from a cat nap in time to see a garbage truck pull up in front of the Kimble house. He watches the truck carefully. A garbage man and Kimble dressed as a garbage man get out. The truck blocks Lt. Bubba's view, so he doesn't see Kimble's incredibly ballsy and incredibly stupid move as he jogs up the steps to the house. What I don't get is why the other garbage man isn't like, "Dude, what the hell?" It's not like he didn't notice Kimble helping him at the last two houses, and now suddenly he runs off? Kimble stands on the well-lit porch and puts up quite a loud struggle with the door. He finally finds the key under one of two flower pots and lets himself in the house. Faith at Forty wakes up in time to see the front door close. Maggie is sitting at the kitchen table rubbing her head and Kimble says, "Hey." She jumps up and grabs him in a hug, then starts laughing like a hyena. She tells Kimble that Gerard is outside, and that their Unc will call the cops if he finds Richard there. Kimble asks to see his father.

In the sickroom, Kimble takes his father's hand. Pa wakes up and says he thought he was dreaming. Kimble asks his father if he believes he's guilty, and the father answers that all truths will be revealed when he passes to the other side. Kimble says, "I'm glad you still have your beliefs." Kimble says the last word as though it chokes him. Pa says, "And you don't?" Kimble tells him he doesn't believe in much anymore, just about what's in front of him. Pa tells Kimble that faith isn't about what's in front of him. Kimble tells him that he won't be able to go on if his father doesn't believe him. Pa turns away and says, "Don't put that on me, Richard." Kimble orders his father to look at him -- in fact, in an oddly violent move, he even grabs his father's face and forces him to look at him. "You made me," Kimble chokes. "You and Mom. I'm you. You know me." A big vein pops out of Tim Daly's head as he cries. Pa Kimble grabs him and they hug. After the hug, Pa asks if Kimble remembers the Prayer of St. Christopher. Kimble nods, saying, "The patron saint of travelers, yeah." And that's for all of us who didn't waste time on the web paging through a listing of patron saints. Pa Kimble recites the prayer for him and pulls off his St. Christopher's medal from around his neck and gives it to Kimble. Kimble protests that it doesn't mean the same thing to him. "I know," his father says. Kimble stops protesting and takes the medal. I see -- we got a little Angel Touching going on here, and this time in a more religious vein. Wonder when Della Reese is going to show up for her crossover event. Maggie comes in and says it's dawn and three police cars have driven by. In the kitchen, Unc has been lying in wait for him, and he starts blustering about convicted killers and calling the police. Pa Kimble throws open his door and says, "David, my son is innocent and if you've got a problem with that, maybe you should leave." Kimble doesn't take his eyes off his father as he says, "It's okay, I'm going." Outside, Lt Bubba keeps a close watch on the house.

Maggie tells her brother to take her car and leave from the back. Kimble leaves after squeezing his father's shoulder one last time. Pa fixes his brother with a look and says, "David," warningly as Unc makes a move to the phone. Faith at Forty ducks in her car, now positioned in the alley, as a cop drives by. From the window, Unc sees the cop car pull up at the house and goes out onto the porch. Around back, Kimble opens the garage door and sees Faith at Forty's car blocking his way. Faith at Forty says, "Oh, my God," through her open window, and Kimble tells her she's going to need to move her car. Faith at Forty gets out of her car in order to display her red leather pants, and Buffy knocks at the door to ask for her wardrobe back. Faith at Forty says, "No way." Kimble tells her he doesn't have the time to argue with her. Faith at Forty says provocatively, "I know you don't have the time, Dr. Kimble."

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