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At the front of the house, Unc hails one of the cops, and Maggie and Pa follow him onto the porch. Behind the house, Faith at Forty gets in the passenger side of her car, tells him she's not moving it, and waves her keys, saying, "Tick tock-tock." The hell? On the porch, Maggie whispers to Unc, "What if it were your son, what if it were Cameron?" Pa puts in his plea: "David, I'm begging you." Now how can you deny a dying man? Faith at Forty tells Kimble, "You're out of options." Kimble gets in and starts the car. On the porch, Unc keeps us all in suspense until he finally says, "Have you seen a Philadelphia Inquirer around here anywhere?" and then, turning around, "Never mind, I got it." The cop pulls a face and walks away, giving them all look over his shoulder.

In the car, Kimble makes it known that he knows exactly who Faith at Forty is. "I know the crap you wrote about the trial!" he spits at her. "Flatterer," F at F says sweetly as she turns on her cell phone -- which is slightly hidden by her side -- and auto-dials Bubba. Lt. Bubba answers the phone and says, "Gerard." No response. Lt. Bubba says, "Hello?" Still no answer but he hears a voice say, "Where're we headed?" and Kimble answers, "I'm not sure." "Looks like downtown Philly," Faith at Forty says in a singsong voice. Lt. Bubba starts his car and zooms off and we see for the first time that he was lucky enough to find the Exact Same SUV he drives in Chicago. More blabbering from Faith at Forty as she keeps Lt. Bubba apprised of their whereabouts. Finally, Kimble gets tired of her giggling, smug voice and pulls out a gun and shoots her. Sigh…and then I woke up. Kimble tells Faith at Forty that she's gonna wanna shut up now. Lt. Bubba makes a three-way call to someone at the Philly P.D and tells them he needs as much back up as they can give him.

Back in Kimble's not-quite-O.J.'s-but-still-white-car, F at F asks if he's ever felt an overwhelming desire to confess. Kimble gives her a dirty look and says, "No." Lt. Bubba gives a description of the car he's pursuing. Kimble pulls up behind a pile of stopped white cars and cops. He mutters, "How could they?" and then sees F at F attempting to hide her cell phone. He gives her the look of death and gets out of the car. "Thanks for the story, Richard," F at F breathes. Kimble cuts through some buildings and crosses the street. Oh, no! The car he just crossed in front of is Lt. Bubba's! Kimble freezes in front of the car, mouth agape. It's truly a Ferris Bueller moment. Lt. Bubba looks up briefly from the map of Philly he's consulting and looks down, only to snap his head back up again.

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The Fugitive




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