The Fugitive
St. Christopher's Prayer

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St. Peter Pan

Kimble is running through the streets of Seattle masquerading as Philadelphia with Lt. Bubba at his heels. In two true Philadelphia seconds, Kimble and Bubba run by Independence Hall. Kimble momentarily considers pausing at the Cradle of our Nation to take in a tourist attraction and reflect for a moment on our forefathers. Lt. Bubba's proximity convinces him that another time would be better. Hey, do you think you think one of you can pick up a case of Yuengling for me? I prefer the Black & Tan variety, thanks. ["Make it two." -- Sars] Kimble catches up with a Seattle streetcar and jumps on. For some reason, Lt. Bubba doesn't actually see this, but divines that Kimble must be on the streetcar, so he starts pursuing it. Kimble fusses with a door as Lt. Bubba gets on and yells, "Kimble!" Kimble opens the door and executes a perfect hanging chad off the back of the train, but draws back as an oncoming truck almost clips his nails. Lt. Bubba reaches through the door and grabs a piece of Kimble's shirt. Kimble flails, and Lt. Bubba hits his head on the door, releasing Kimble. Kimble jumps from the streetcar and catches hold of an oncoming water delivery truck, performing a reverse hanging chad. Or a dimpled chad, if you will. Lt. Bubba shakes off the pain in his head and breaks through to the back of the streetcar, but Kimble is nowhere to be seen.

At the Philly P.D., Faith at Forty nonchalantly flicks ashes off her cigarette with crimson-tipped nails and comments that Lt. Bubba almost caught him. Lt. Bubba tells her he tried to figure out a way to book her for obstructing justice. "How'd that go for ya?" she asks snottily. Lt. Bubba tells her she fixed that situation real good. "I called a cop," she says innocently. "It just happened to be you." Lt. Bubba says he doesn't care who catches Kimble, just as long as he's caught. "Yeah, and I don't want a Pulitzer, just the truth," Faith at Forty says dryly. Ooh, with that rapier wit, the Pulitzer Prize van will be trailing her any day now. Lt. Bubba tells her to stay away in the future. F at F asks why. "You got the city shut down and you just might catch him before dinner, and let's not forget that I was in a hostage situation," F at F finishes. "Were you?" Lt. Bubba asks her, evenly. F at F has the grace to look a mite uncomfortable, but asks if she can get out of there because she's got a deadline. Mr. keckler shouts out, "No, you don't -- it got cancelled!" She walks out, and Lt. Bubba makes note of her butt.

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The Fugitive




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