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The Hand Of A Stranger

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The Hand Of A Stranger

Props to my new husband, who suffered through -- and provided most of the comedic commentary for -- this, Kimble's second escape.

Welcome, welcome everyone, to keckler's newest world of pain. You'd think someone out there hated manimal and me; first Jack & Jill and Time of Your Life, and now this. Ah, well, onward and upward -- at least I can be admiring of Tim Daly's physique rather than having to worry about losing an eye or three over belly shirts and excessive exposure to dinners. Unless, of course, Kimble decides to really throw Lt. "Bubba" Gerard off his scent by hiding out as a New York-dwelling ingénue who works at a bar and dreams of being a really bad singer.

The Hitchcock-esque credits roll as Kimble runs. And runs. And runs. Blood-soaked wife. Resuscitation attempts fail. A one-armed man gets his prosthesis yanked off. The heavy gavel of justice bangs. Kimble escapes. Gerard looks grim and determined. Chase scenes; Kimble flings himself from great heights while pondering his dearly departed wifey and ultimate justice.

A handy-diddly-dandy electric blue map of the United States shows us that this week's port of call is the land of gentle drawls and creepily hanging moss: Savannah "The Most Repulsive of all Girl Scout Cookies" Georgia. A little blue banner across the bottom of the screen tells us that this is all "[m]ade possible in high definition by Panasonic HDTV." Well, that's right, sooner or later everything's going to be HDTV. Kind of like how my friend thinks sooner or later we're all going to be using Sacajawea coins and two-dollar bills, and the one-dollar bill will become obsolete. Of course, this friend also never wears shoes and thinks that having a credit card means the government is hooked into your bedroom. Kimble's echoing voice-over takes the place of a generic "Last time on The Fugitive," and we déjà vu all the scenes that also flashed by during the credits. Always good to reuse footage from your $2.6 million premiere episode if you can. Kimble tracks the Greyhound bus he saw One-Arm board to Savannah, Georgia. How he is able to stand in the bus depot unaccosted by the police, who are swarming all over the other areas of the station, long enough to get this information is beyond me.

Kimble arrives in Savannah, unshaven and hungry. He meekly sips coffee at a highway diner and salivates over another man's food. It's really kind of a pathetic scene. The diner gets up and Kimble sees that he's left half his sandwich behind. The starving doctor grabs the chewed-over sandwich and looks up to see a waitress watching him. Kimble looks down, but the waitress gives him a gentle smile and Kimble darts out of the diner. Having wolfed down his sandwich, Kimble spies a phone, and you can see the wheels in his head turning. Due north, a school bell rings and a curvy student -- whoops, I mean "teacher" -- is summoned to the phone by a co-worker, who tells her she thinks one of her students is playing a trick on her. "You got a call from a Mr. I. M. Superior," the co-worker chuckles. The teacher's face gets very serious as she snatches the message. Meanwhile, somewhere in Georgia, Kimble waits by a pay phone. It rings, he picks it up, and it's his teacher-sister, Maggie. Kimble tells Maggie he saw the man who killed his wife and needs her to wire him some cash. Maggie readily agrees as Kimble gives her explicit instructions on how to send the money to him. Kimble ends the conversation with "he's never going to give up." "Who?" Maggie asks. "Gerard," Kimble says grimly.

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