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The Hand Of A Stranger

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The Hand Of A Stranger

Kimble manages to run onto a drawbridge just as it's going up to allow ships to pass under. It's going up, and Kimble's still running. Again, this is not at all suspicious. Good thing he ran all those hills back in Chicago, because he's almost running up a ninety-degree angle at this point. He gets to the edge and ponders the age-old question: To jump or not to jump -- that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the bullets of the One-Arm Man or -- oh, hang it all, I'll just jump! He jumps, and makes it onto the other half of the drawbridge just by a hair. One-Arm continues to fire at him. Nope, not at all attention-attracting, as Kimble slides down the other side in front of a line of cars. It's not nearly as enjoyable as when "She Caught The Katy" is playing and Ackroyd and Belushi soar nonchalantly over the gap. Kimble flings himself into some bushes and opens up the package One-Arm was so keen to get. In the interest of keeping the suspense going, we aren't allowed to see what he finds, but we see the package has been stamped with "X-Rayed Chi Metro Police."

Meanwhile, Lt. Bubba also opens a mysterious package postmarked Savannah, GA. And because the third time's the charm, Gary is signing for a package as well. UPS gets product placement here, both in the delivery guy's uniform and in the red envelope marked "LETTER." Gary pulls out some papers from the University of Chicago and sees that Bree has been accepted to their "carefully monitored national study of Parkinson's disease." The camera focuses in on the phrase that reads, "All costs will be paid." Gary runs and shows Bree, who collapses in happy tears. Some happy tears don't flow when Lt. Bubba opens his package and finds a piece of paper that says, "This is the man who killed my wife." He puts on a pair of rubber gloves and leafs through several passports from different countries: Serbia ("Always good to have the bad guy be from Serbia!" my half-Croatian husband shouts out at this point), France, and a few others we don't see. All bear pictures of One-Arm. The last thing Lt. Bubba looks at is the piece of paper where Kimble scrawled his note. It's a color copy of One-Arm's US passport. Dum-dum-dum!

Meanwhile, Kimble clutches the real US passport as he hitches a really safe ride behind the cab of a Mack truck, between the tractor and trailer. Disclaimer: Kids, do not try this at home with your own eighteen-wheeler. Oh, how he clutches that passport grimly as he leaves Savannah thinking, "My work here is done." (Or more accurately, as Barney said in the Leonard Nimoy episode of The Simpsons, "You didn't do anything!"). Isn't it ironic how Kimble can travel from town to town, anonymously helping individuals, touching their lives, making them better, but he can't even help himself. The humanity of it all! Heh.

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The Fugitive




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