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The Hand Of A Stranger

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The Hand Of A Stranger

A car with Illinois license plates pulls up to a payphone and Maggie rolls down her window, checking her watch. Kimble walks down a cobblestone alley to a phone, and just in case there's any doubt as to where we are, there's a handy red-and-white riverboat in the background and an old carriage rolling by with "Savannah's Historic Tours" painted on the side. The payphone rings, and Maggie darts out of her car. The tension builds as she picks up the phone and hears a dial tone. But wait! It's the wrong phone -- the other one's still ringing. She grabs the right one (sigh of relief) and hears the operator say, "Collect call from Mr. Superior." As Maggie rattles off a calling card number, Lt. Bubba sits in his car and wires the home office that he needs a hard trace (are there easy traces?) put on a pay phone: "It's gonna be out of town. I want the city and the exact address." Lt. Bubba's sunglasses make him look like Samuel Jackson. Man, I can't wait for the new Star Wars. Did anyone see that fake trailer that's flying around the 'net? It's crazy good.

Kimble tells his sister that she sent too much money. "No," Maggie starts to say. "Listen to me, thank you, but the withdrawal was too much. He's going to catch it. Gerard's going to ask you and you're going to have to explain it." Maggie assents that her superior older brother is right, and apologizes. Kimble tells her he can't call anymore because it's too dangerous for their father and for his sister's kids. Maggie says she doesn't care, because she can't go for three months without knowing if he's all right. "We have to find a way," she insists. Kimble tells his sister they will, but not this way. Maggie asks him not to hang up yet, and she tells him in an impassioned voice that she believes in him and never doubted him: "You keep yourself safe, we're going to get you out of this, I promise." Kimble asks how their dad is doing. Maggie tells him it's hard to tell: "I mean, his doctors keep saying -- well, you know doctors." Kimble smiles, "Yeah, mostly useless." "Mostly," Maggie says. I get it -- this is some kind of inside family joke because he's a doctor. Kimble gets choked up and says, "Tell Dad, that -- that I'm…" He trails off. "I will," Maggie promises him through tears. So, he's got a sick father and he's a doctor. How much do you want to bet that his dad gets really sick and Kimble risks it all to visit him, and in the process he manages to find some deep, dark cure in the jungle that saves his father's life? They should check the Days of Our Lives scripts if they have any questions. Just then a phalanx of policemen runs towards Kimble. I sense a chase scene coming on, which will end with Kimble jumping off something. "I gotta go!" Kimble tells his sister, and drops the phone.

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