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The Hand Of A Stranger

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The Hand Of A Stranger

Kimble goes into a cellular phone store and asks the soul-patched phone guy if there's a way he can access a call that came into his phone from "his brother," because he missed getting the number. "Can I just see that for a second?" Soul Patch asks, gesturing at Kimble's cell phone. Kimble hands the phone over. "Wow, this really brings back memories. They sure made them to last, huh? Who knew they didn't have to. So, are you going to upgrade?" What a way to kick a man when he's down. Make fun of his outdated cell phone. Kimble says maybe and then brings the overzealous Soul Patch back to his original point. The guy whispers that it's against the rules for him to access Kimble's account, "some sort of legal thing. I mean, I can access it, but -- the boss," he whispers, jerking his head toward the back of the store. Soul Patch tells Kimble to leave his number and he'll get back to him.

Somehow, with the whole state of Georgia looking for him, Kimble still manages to stay at Gary and Bree's place with no one the wiser, not even the suffering couple. Gary wakes him in the middle of the night and asks if he can take a look at his wife. Bree is sweating, moaning, and clutching at her abdomen. Now, I'm no Dr. Fugitive, but this looks like a little more than just Parkinson's. "I've never seen her this bad," says Gary, "Is this the Parkinson's?" Kimble shakes his head: "I don't think so." Kimble asks if she can hear him, and Bree groans that she can, so he asks if she took anything or ate anything she was allergic to. Bree answers "no!" rather quickly, and Kimble pulls a hunk of Bree's hair from the pillow.

Later, Kimble joins Gary in the kitchen and tells him that her fever's gone down and the swelling in her abdomen has subsided. He asks if this has ever happened before, and Gary nods slowly and says, "First time was about a week ago. I thought she was getting better. I pulled out some of her old records. You know, because of what you were saying the other day, the experiments some of these places are doing?" "Research hospitals, yeah," Dr. Kimble supplies for him. Gary tells Kimble that when Bree first got sick, they had all sorts of statements from doctors and applications to places, but then Bree just said she couldn't keep getting her hopes up any more. Gary says he can't blame her: "She's the one who's sick. Besides, I didn't know what I was doing half the time." Kimble looks at the applications and records Gary has handed him and offers to help fill them out. "I know something about hospitals, what they might be looking for in a candidate." Gary looks down and says that it's a hell of a thing the way they met and now he's helping them. "It makes me," he pauses, "ashamed." "You love your wife and you'd do anything for her. You got nothing to be ashamed about," Kimble tells him firmly; then he grabs the box and says, "Come on, I'll teach you something about the ugly world of medical politics."

A bespectacled and bearded lawyer sits down and says, "Look, everything's simple, this will be fast. Mrs. Hume did nothing illegal by picking up that telephone and talking to her brother." Kimble's sister also sits in Lt. Bubba's office. Capt. Pushover looks on with interest. "That's true," Lt. Bubba says, pulling out a sheet of paper. "The crime starts here." "My client made an early withdrawal and paid the penalty to the bank," the lawyer says. "The crime being?" Lt. Bubba looks over at Capt. Pushover, who says nothing but raises his eyebrows. Lt. Bubba smiles, sits on the edge of his desk, folds his arms, and assumes the "I'm going to be eminently reasonable but tough" cop position. "So what did you do with the money, Mrs. Hume?" "I had to buy crack for the kids," Maggie says without blinking an eye. Get her -- she's a single mom and a teacher, so she doesn't take shit from anybody. Lt. Bubba snorts. "You don't believe me?" Maggie asks, daringly. "I believe you want what's best for your brother and I believe you can help bring him in alive. Tell me where he is," Lt. Bubba says. "Lt. Gerard, you could put your gun in my mouth, cock the hammer, and I wouldn't tell you what day it is," Maggie says in a deadly serious voice. Man, who gave her all the hard-ass lines? Lt. Bubba smiles and says that they'd better get used to seeing more of each other. Maggie says, "All through the trial you were so sure, like you had to be right. And I kept wanting to ask you why, why do you have to be right? And how are you going to live with yourself if they put that needle in my brother's arm and you were wrong?" Lt. Bubba looks shaken and introspective.

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