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Shutting Down The Gates

Frustratingly, we cut away from that scene of hotness to the police station, where six actual burglaries have just been called in. Nick realizes all the other reports have been a diversion, drawing them away from the real action. Much like these cop scenes do with the rest of the show. Nick orders the gates shut and all cars checked.

Andie calls Brett, but his cellphone is in the pocket of his discarded shirt. A pack of wolves runs joyously through the woods, their canine panting giving way to whooping and laughter as they revert to their human selves. Brett and Lukas run, naked and beaming, back to their clothes. Lukas saddens when he sees Brett messaging Andie to meet him at the yogurt shop tomorrow. "So... are you finally gonna dump her?" he asks. "I'm gonna talk to her," Brett says. Lukas goes off to write in his diary about how Brett will finally fall in love with him someday. Someday!

At the restaurant, Claire is just leaving the ladies room when she sees Christian chatting up a young woman at the bar. She watches, alarmed, as he walks out the door with her. She follows a moment later, finding them in a grungy alleyway. Christian is partaking of the young lady's neck, looking up only long enough to invite Claire to join them. She hesitates, but walks slowly toward them, fangs out. Christian slides an arm around Claire's shoulders, drawing her closer. They each take a side of the lady's neck. There is much panting and whimpering and licking. Lordy.

Back at The Gates, there's a long line of cars waiting to get in. Inside the station, they've gotten reports of 23 burglaries, all from families who were at the football game. The guest house where Leigh lives was also hit. She looks alarmed. Meanwhile, the teen wolves are trying to get back in through the side gate, but the gate isn't recognizing Lukas's card key. There are glaring spotlights. Brett jumps the wall, careful to avoid the security cameras, and opens the gate for the others. Leigh reaches her place to find it a mess. A display case is conspicuously missing something from one of its shelves.

Radcliff house the next morning. Claire is happily baking. Dylan is suspicious as he wasn't able to reach her the night before. She has an explanation for everything, carefully omitting any mention of Christian and feeding. She pulls a perfect soufflé from the oven. Vampiric threeways fix everything!

At the station, the Kops question some of the visitors from the night before. Leigh is giving Teresa the third degree about moving in with Marcus so quickly. Marcus pulls Leigh aside. She's suspicious because all the burglaries happened on the same day his "new fling" moved in. Marcus goes back to Teresa. Peg shows up to talk to Leigh. "How long ago was it taken?" she asks. "At least twelve hours," Leigh tells her. Peg gives her a bottle of pills to "help with the pain" but reminds her that if she's away from "it" too long... Leigh's nose begins to bleed. There's a commercial break and then we're back at the station with Marcus and Nick. Marcus has video footage of Brett near the pedestrian gate, but all they can see is a bit of his letterman jacket. Nick wants to find out from the coach who wasn't at the game.

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