The Gates

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Shutting Down The Gates

The Kops go check out Harrison Street. Nick wonders why Abernathy was hanging out where kids ride their bikes. He spies a drop-off receptacle for delivery companies and immediately figures out the whole thing. Quite satisfied with himself, he tells Leigh to re-open The Gates. They take a commercial break to drive over to Abernathy's place, where he's busily polishing an ill-gotten candelabra. Nick knocks on the door, pretending to be from the delivery company. Busted!

Once more at the yogurt shop, Andie meets with Brett. She pulls the bandage off quickly and breaks up with him. He looks heartbroken and disconcertingly adorable. He blames it on Charlie and brings up the kiss. Andie admits that was wrong of her, but that's not with this is about. She doesn't love him like he deserves, she says, and leaves. Somewhere, Lukas is waiting to comfort Brett with open and sleeveless arms.

Station. The Kops are sorting through the recovered goods. Abernathy, it turns out, was not just a history teacher, but a computer science teacher, as well, and took six months to figure out the security system. "All to impress a girl," Marcus says. Leigh apologizes to him for misjudging Teresa. As soon as Marcus is out of the room, Leigh picks up a truly fugly box encrusted with fugly green gems. She opens it, hears a heartbeat, and sighs with relief.

Andie visits Charlie at his house to tell him she broke up with Brett. Charlie consoles her while trying not to smile. She tells Charlie she feels for him what she didn't feel for Brett. They decide to give things a go. Smooching ensues.

Lukas and the teen wolves are riding their bikes. Brett shows up and lies to Lukas that he broke up with Andie. "You did the right thing," Lukas says, trying not to be too conspicuous. He invites Brett to go running with the pack again. Brett accepts without hesitation this time. Forget humans! They're boring, and they usually get mad if you sniff their butts!

Meanwhile, Abernathy has made bail and returns home to find Leigh waiting for him. "Did you open it?" she asks. He immediately knows what she's talking about. He muses on how weird The Gates really is, but promises to take all their secrets to the grave as long as the charges are dropped. More than willing to speed him on his way, Leigh pulls out a gun and silencer. She apologizes and then shoots him, twice.

Claire is in bed when she receives a text message from Christian. "Will I C U?" he asks. Ugh. Hotness rating falling. Glancing over to make sure Dylan is still asleep, she texts back a "yes."

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The Gates




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