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Shutting Down The Gates

Leigh returns home with her fugly box of secrets and places it on its rightful shelf. Near it, there's a picture of Leigh in the embrace of an unknown man. Ominous music plays. The gates of The Gates close. The end.

So, why isn't this show finding an audience? It's barely pulling in CW numbers on a major network. A repeat of Cold Case got two million more viewers on Sunday night in the same time slot. The Gates has a weak lead-in from Scoundrels, and summer viewership is sort of blah, anyway. But this show should benefit somewhat from the popularity of vampires, a good-looking and fairly talented cast, and potentially intriguing stories. One of the show's problems is that it can't seem to decide what it is or what stories it wants to focus on. The police procedural element is the weakest aspect of the show and it's used as the main thread to hold the stories together. As if it knows it doesn't have long to live, the show throws everything at the wall and hopes something will stick quickly enough to grab the audience. There are vampires, werewolves, succubi, witches and whatever Leigh is. Then add in all the relationship drama and school bake sales and the show doesn't give any one element enough time to flourish. I find the werewolf and vampire stories most interesting partly because of my bias toward these critters in fiction, but also because the actors in those stories are the best of the lot. Concentrating on them and letting the other supernaturals fall by the wayside might have helped. Look, for example, at The Vampire Diaries, which, partly by virtue of being on the CW, took a whole season to let the supernatural residents of Mystic Falls develop. The show dropped hints along the way, but it never felt spread thin, as The Gates does. Here's hoping some of the actors find more permanent homes elsewhere.

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The Gates




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