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Gone out the window

Jack's sitting on the floor, slumped over in the corner of his cell. The door is opened (there's now a guard out there), as there probably ought to have been all along, and Juliet strolls in with lunch, claiming to have made the soup herself. Translation: don't swallow any toothpicks. Jack doesn't want any, though, and Juliet leaves, heading down the hall to another door. She knocks, and Ben answers. Behind him is a wall of television screens, on one of which is Jack, sitting in his cell. "You never made soup for me," he says, like OPEN A CAN AND HEAT IT UP, BEN. For god's sake, she practically killed herself making muffins. Get your own soup. They half-smile at each other until some woman comes clambering down a ladder. Apparently she's on Deadwood. ["Not anymore she ain't." -- Sars] Whoever she is, she has a major chip on her shoulder as she asks, "Am I interrupting something?" Juliet only makes it worse by asking if it would matter if she were. Please tell me they're not fighting over Ben.

The real purpose of her visit is to report that "the Iraqi" found the decoy village. "Good. That's what we wanted," says Ben. Oh, and also, he has a SAILBOAT. Ben's shocked to hear about the boat. Juliet figures it's no biggie, as Sayid and his compadres will just wind up sailing the boat all over the place, no threat to the Others, but Ben says the Lostaways could find them. He wants this Colleen to get a team together, which she says she can do in an hour. As she climbs the ladder, he calls after her: "I want that boat."

Sawyer's working his cage's levers and pedals again, because fish biscuits are part of a healthy balanced breakfast. The noise of the Sousa march wakes up Kate, who sarcastically compliments his "alarm clock" and he says he's "woken up to worse," and I think he meant to say "woken up with worse." Then he offers Kate "half a fish biscuit," like how disgusting is Sawyer, anyw-- oh, yeah; he means it literally.

Their incarceration-facilitated flirtation is interrupted by Zeke and his crew showing up, armed with rifles, to escort Kate and Sawyer from their cells. One of them gives Sawyer a bag. "Lunch. We're gonna need you to keep up your strength," he says. "Is that right," drawls Sawyer. The group heads out, but Colleen rushes up and yells for "Danny," who is the guy who just handed Sawyer his lunch. He showed up briefly towards the end of last season, in the Others' phony village, and he was called "Pickett" then. Oh, and also? He was in Kill Bill, and if you've seen that, all you need to know is that his name was Buck. Danny strolls over for a whispered conference and a peck on the cheek, while Sawyer watches. "What are you looking at?" snaps Danny to Sawyer, while motioning Zeke to come over. There's something about this guy I like...

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