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Gone out the window

Back on Craphole Island, Kate and Sawyer are led into what appears to be some sort of prison work camp. People are banging on rocks, raking the dirt, and what have you. Danny says, "Here's the jig." "Here's the jig"? Really? He points out the rocks. "You're going to chop 'em loose," he says, pointing at Kate, and then shifts to Sawyer. "And you're gonna haul them out of here." Kate wants to know if he expects her to work in the dress. "That's up to you," says Danny. "You can take it off if you want." Kate is unbelievably shocked by this. She's so stunned, in fact, that she turns to Sawyer for support. Naturally, Sawyer gives her this shrug and smile and looks her up and down, clearly thinking, "Well, you could take it off." He's quickly smartened up by the look Kate gives him, like she should be surprised that Sawyer reacted that way, so he actually turns back to Danny, affixes him with a glare, and gives him a sincere "How dare you" that still has me giggling. Danny chooses to ignore this, and says they're to raise their hands if they need anything, and they'll get ten minutes for lunch. Sawyer's hand immediately snaps up. "I got a question, boss!" he says, but Danny is as interested in questions as Terrell Owens's agent. "She got to ask a question," whines Sawyer. Danny says that if they try to run off, they'll get shocked, but Sawyer hears "shot" and protests that they should least get a warning. And he may even be trying to wind this guy up, and that certainly seems to work, as Danny starts yelling and waving his taser around. "You talk to each other, you're gonna be shocked. If you touch each other, you're gonna be shocked. If you're slacking, you're gonna get shocked. Matter of fact, you do anything at all that pisses me off, you're gonna get shocked. Shocking the monkey? Oh, you better believe that's a shocking."

He tells them to get to work, but Kate says she's not doing anything until she sees Jack. Danny calmly steps forward, holds out his taser -- and zaps Sawyer, who falls to the ground. This is disincentive for Kate how, exactly? Danny smirks and says that was a quarter charge. He grabs Sawyer by the hair and tells him that when he can walk, the wheelbarrow's right over there, and he swaggers off. Kate watches him go, her hair all flyaway. She's morphing into Rousseau in front of our eyes!

So let's sum it up: 1) Gets really angry at Sawyer; 2) thinks Kate should spend less time clothed; 3) goes by the name of Danny. Sweeeeet.

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